Peter F. Lake - Publications

Peter F. Lake

Charles A. Dana Chair and Director, Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy

B.A., Harvard University
J.D., Harvard Law School

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insurance, Law and Higher Education Policy, Torts


Higher Education and the Law: Cases and Materials (2014) (co-author J. Areen).

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: The Rise of the Facilitator University (2d ed. 2013).

The Foundations of Higher Education Law for Student Affairs (NASPA, 2011).

Beyond Discipline: Managing the Modern Higher Education Environment (Hierophant Enter., Inc. 2009).

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: Who Assumes the Risks of College Life? (Carolina
Academic Press 1999) (co-author Professor Robert D. Bickel).

Articles, Essay, and Media

Title IX Compliance Series (Magna Publications, Inc. 2014) (a five-part video series and instructional course).

Title IX for Faculty: Your Role in Helping Students (Magna Publications, Inc. 2014) (a video and instructional course).

Title IX for Students: What You Need to Know (Magna Publications, Inc. 2014) (a video and instructional course).

Talking Points—Caulking the Cracks in Campus Safety, Currents Mag. (pub. of CASE—Council for Advancement & Support of Education), Feb. 2014.

Welcome to Compliance U: The Board’s Role in the Regulatory Era, 21 Ass’n of Governing Board’s Trusteeship Mag., July/Aug. 2013.

What the New Campus Safety Center Can Accomplish, Chron. of Higher Educ., July 15, 2013.

Time for Tenure for SSAOs, NASPA’s Leadership Exchange, winter 2013.

The College ‘Court’ Phenomenon, NASPA’s Leadership Exchange, spring 2013.

Cardiac Evaluation of Collegiate Student-Athletes: A Medical and Legal Perspective, 125 Am. J. Med. 742 (2012) (co-authors Timothy E. Paterick, M. Faud Jan, Zachary R. Paterick, Matt M. Umland, Christopher Kramer, James B. Seward, A. Jamil Tajik, and BJ Maron).

Still Waiting: The Slow Evolution of the Law in Light of the Ongoing Student Suicide Crisis, 34 J.C. & U.L. 253 (2008).

Alcohol and Campus Risk Management, Campus Activities Programming (Oct. 2006) (with Dean Darby

Hazing in the Internet Age, NASPA Leadership Exch. (Sept. 2006) (with Dean Darby Dickerson).

A Blueprint for Collaborative Risk Management Teams, Campus Activities Programming (Apr. 2006) (with Dean
Darby Dickerson).

Private Law Continues to Come to Campus: Rights and Responsibilities Revisited, 31 J.C. & U.L. 621 (2005).

Deflating the Risks of Inflatables, NASPA Leadership Exch. 22 (Dec. 2005) (with Dean Darby Dickerson).

The Emerging Crisis of College Student Suicide: Law and Policy Responses to Serious Forms of Self-Inflicted
, 32 Stetson L. Rev. 125 (2002) (co-author Nancy Tribbensee).

Modern Liability Rules and Policies Regarding College Student Alcohol Injuries: Reducing High-Risk Alcohol
Use through Norms of Shared Responsibility and Environmental Management
, 53 Okla. L. Rev. 611 (2001)
(co-author Joel C. Epstein).

The Special Relationship(s) between a College and a Student: Law and Policy Ramifications for the Post In
Loco Parentis College
, 37 Idaho L. Rev. 531 (2001).

Common Law "Duty" Analysis: The Conceptual Expansion of "Duty" in a Period of Doctrinal
, 10 Kan. J.L. & Pub. Policy 153 (2000).

Tort Litigation in Higher Education, 27 J.C. & U.L. 255 (2000).

When Fear Knocks: The Myths and Realities of Law School, 29 Stetson L. Rev. 1015 (2000).

Boys, Bad Men, and Bad Caselaw: Re-Examining the Historical Foundations of No-Duty-to-Rescue Rules, 43
N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 385 (1999).

The Rise of Duty and the Fall of In Loco Parentis and Other Protective Tort Doctrines in Higher Education Law,
64 Mo. L. Rev. 1 (1999).

Common Law Duty in Negligence Law: The Recent Consolidation of a Consensus on the Expansion of the
Analysis of Duty and the New Conservative Liability Limiting Use of Policy Considerations
, 34 S.D. L. Rev. 1503

The Emergence of New Paradigms in Student-University Relations: From "In Loco Parentis" to Bystander to
, 23 J.C. & U.L. 755 (1997) (co-author Professor Robert D. Bickel).

Recognizing the Importance of Remoteness to the Duty to Rescue, 46 DePaul L. Rev. 315 (1997).