Robyn Powell

Robyn Powell

Bruce R. Jacob Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Brandeis University
M.A., Brandeis University
J.D., Suffolk University Law School
B.S. Bridgewater State University

Law Review Articles
Applying the Health Justice Framework to Address Health and Health Care Inequities Experienced by People with Disabilities During and After COVID-19, 96 Washington Law Review (forthcoming 2021)

Barriers and Facilitators to Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by the Child Welfare System: Insights from Interviews with Disabled Parents, Child Welfare Workers, and Attorneys. 32 Stanford Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Sasha Albert)

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Termination of Parental Rights Cases: An Examination of Appellate Decisions Involving Disabled Mothers. 39 Yale Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Susan L. Parish, Monika Mitra, Michael Waterstone, and Stephen Fournier)

Terminating the Parental Rights of Mothers with Disabilities: An Empirical Legal Analysis. 85 Missouri Law Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Susan L. Parish, Monika Mitra, Michael Waterstone, and Stephen Fournier) 

Responding to the Legal Needs of Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities. 38 Law & Inequality 69 (2020) (with Susan L. Parish, Monika Mitra, and Joanne Nicholson)

Family Law, Parents with Disabilities, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, 57 Family Court Review 37 (2019) (peer-reviewed) (invited) 

Safeguarding the Rights of Parents with Intellectual Disabilities in Child Welfare Cases: The Convergence of Social Science and Law, 20 CUNY Law Review 127 (2017) (symposium) 

Persons with Disabilities and Their Sexual, Reproductive, and Parenting Rights: An International Comparative Analysis, 11 Frontiers of Law in China 53 (2016) (with Michael A. Stein) (peer-reviewed) (invited)

Peer-Reviewed Articles
Supporting Disabled Parents and Their Families: Perspectives and Recommendations from Parents, Attorneys, and Child Welfare Professionals. Journal of Public Child Welfare (forthcoming 2020) (with Sasha Albert) 

Perceived Community-Based Needs of Low-Income Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities who Experienced Legal Challenges to their Parenting Rights. Children and Youth Services Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Monika Mitra, Joanne Nicholson, and Susan L. Parish) 

Role of Family Caregivers Regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women and Girls with Intellectual Disability: A Scoping Review. 64 Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 131 (2020) (with Susan L. Parish, Monika Mitra, and Eliana Rosenthal)

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Disparities in Child Protective Services: Commentary on Kaplan et al. (2019), 70 Psychiatric Services 209 (2019) (with Joanne Nicholson)

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The Health and Economic Wellbeing of US Mothers with Intellectual Impairments, 30 Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 456 (2017) (with Susan L. Parish)

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Can Parents Lose Custody Simply because they are Disabled?, 31 GP Solo 14 (2014)

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Civil Rights, Disability, and Health Care: Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?, 24 Health Law Reporter (2009) (with Dennis Heaphy)

Book Chapters
Persons with Disabilities and Public Health Ethics, Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics 219, Oxford University Press. (2019) (with Monika Mitra and Linda Long-Bellil)