Michael S. Finch - Publications

Michael S. Finch

Professor of Law

B.A., Oberlin College
J.D., Boston University School of Law
S.J.D., Harvard Law School

Appellate Practice, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Litigation, Conflict of Laws


Federal Courts: Context, Cases and Problems (2d ed. 2014) (co-authors Professor Michael P. Allen and Caprice Roberts) (with accompanying teacher’s manual).

Federal Courts: Context, Cases and Problems (Aspen Publishers 2009) (co-authors Professors
Michael P. Allen and Caprice Roberts) (with accompanying teachers manual).

An Illustrated Guide to Civil Procedure (Aspen Publishers 2006, 2d ed. 2011) (co-author Professor Michael P. Allen) (with accompanying teachers manual).

Book Chapters

Choice of Law and Enforcement of Judgments, in Overview of U.S. Law (LexisNexis 2009) (Ellen S. Podgor & John F. Cooper, eds.)

The Fair Use Doctrine, in The Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties
(Paul Finkelman ed., Routledge 2006).

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Choice-of-Law Problems in Florida Courts: A Retrospective on the Restatement (Second), in A Conflict of Laws
177 (Gene R. Shreve ed., Anderson Publg. Co. 1997).

Reassessing Compulsory Arbitration in Public Sector Bargaining in Critical Issues in Labor and Employment Law (Gary Vause ed. 1990)(with Trevor Nagel)


Psychological Expertise in the Court, 1 Psychol. Injury & L. (2008) (co-authors Professor Carol Henderson and Catherine Guthrie).

Law and the Problem of Pain, 74 U. Cin. L. Rev. 285 (2005).

Introduction, 32 Stetson L. Rev. 241 (2003).

Giving Full Faith and Credit to Punitive Damages Awards: Will Florida Rule the Nation? 86 Minn. L. Rev. 497

Florida Governmental Litigation: Integrating Claims under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and Florida Statutes Section
768.28, 29 Stetson L. Rev. 531 (2000).

Choice of Law and Property, 26 Stetson L. Rev. 257 (1996)

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Rev. 1 (1996)

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