Linda Anderson - Publications

Linda Anderson

Professor of Law

A.B., College of Holy Cross
J.D., Franklin Pierce Law Center (Now University of New Hampshire Law School)

Survey of Florida Law, Research and Writing I and II

Just Because You Don't Want Kids Doesn't Mean I Can't Have Them: How Clarifying Definitions of Parent and Procreate Can Prevent the Indefinite Storage of Cryopreserved Embryos, 49 U. Louisville L. Rev. ____ (forthcoming Winter 2011).

Adding Players to the Game: Parentage Determinations When Assisted Reproductive Technology is Used to Create Families, 62 Ark. L. Rev. 101 (Spring 2009).

Protecting Parent-Child Relationships - Determining Parental Rights of Same-Sex Parents Consistently Despite Varying Recognition of Their Relationship, 5 Pierce L. Rev. 1 (December 2006).

Incorporating Adult Learning Theory Into Law School Classrooms: Small Steps Leading to Large Results, 5 Appalachian L. J. 127 (Spring 2006).

My Best Class - The Metamorphosis, 20 The Second Draft (catalog of the Legal Writing Institute) 4 (August 2005).

Finding Common Knowledge Among Diverse Students, 18 The Second Draft (catalog of the Legal Writing Institute) 14 (December 2003).

New Hampshire in Surrogacy; Making Way for the Future, 31 NHBJ 189 (1990).