Trans Day of Remembrance Tabling

Stop by the Breezeway between 5pm-7pm next week (11/13 – 11/17 )to learn more about Transgender Remembrance  and Lambda’s upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial Dinner and Vigil event.

Transgender women, especial women of color, are murdered each year at an alarming rate that never seems to abate. An unfortunate reality is that each year in November, the transgender community is forced to remember the deaths of dozens of our siblings. In their memory, communities gather world wide every year to try to return power to the identities of those we’ve lost. Stetson’s Lambda Legal Society participates in this world wide memorial by hosting a memorial dinner and vigil, where we name the victims of anti-transgender violence, and light a candle for each person we’ve lost. We invite the entire Hatter community to join us to return power to the identities of this past year’s victims.