Student Employment – MORE Note Taker positions posted on Symplicity

MORE Note Taker positions have been added since yesterday! If you were interested in being a note taker but didn’t see one of your classes listed, check Symplicity again.

Stetson is seeking note takers for a variety of classes this semester. Note takers are students already enrolled in the specified class who work for the College of Law to provide class notes as part of a course accommodation. The expectation is to provide notes that would be typical for a student to take for the course, with care taken to be sure the notes are complete and comprehensive. Note takers are expected to submit notes weekly by emailing them to

The College of Law compensates note takers with a stipend, to be paid in three installments during the semester. Stipend amounts have been updated from previous semesters to more closely align with University standards, and the amount for each class is based on the course credit hours.

If you are interested in being a note taker, please look at the various postings on Symplicity then submit your resume, sample notes (maximum 5 pages) and, if you are in the Federal Work Study Program, a copy of the Work Study Referral Form.

Priority in hiring will be given to those participating in the Federal Work Study Program and those who have satisfactory prior note taking experience. If you are interested in the Federal Work Study Program, please email for more information.