Stetson Ambassadors 2015-2016

Attention all Stetson students … We are pleased to announce that the selection process for the 2015-2016 Stetson Ambassadors program is complete.  We want to thank the Office of Student Life, the Leadership Team, and all current Ambassadors for their hard work and dedication in the process.  We had many well qualified applicants and we want to thank each and every one of them for expressing interest in the Ambassadors program.  Now, what you’ve been waiting for, here is the list of the 2015-2016 Stetson Ambassadors:

Stetson Ambassadors for 2015-2106: (New Ambassadors are in bold)

Hillary Albertson

David Barrera

Amara Benitez

Brandon Breslow

Brittany Bird

Nathan Bruemmer

Dylan Cappello

Marissa Cioffi

Alexa Cline

Steven Cozzi – Chief Elect

Carlos Cruz

Arielle Delametter

Evan Dix

John Edwards

Shadi Fackih

Adriana Foreman

Nicole Georges

Giselle Girones

Diriki Geuka

Kristina Hartman

Sadiya Hashem

Mary Heckler

Kristin Howe

Maryann Jaghab

Megan Jarrett

Danielle Jenkins

Jazzmine Jenkins

Kayli Keough

Denyse Ketcham

Anna Kirkpatrick

Alexandros Lemonidis

Lara McGuire

Marissa Marchena

Nicholas Mitchell

Phyllis (PJ) Nowlan

Courtney Olivier

Alexis Petrosino

Raymond Powers

Taylor Ryan

Alexandra Scales

Genesis Smith

Carolina Suazo

Mariela Tassone

Darcy Tsikerdanos

Courtney Turnquist

Ciara Willis

Kate Vinez

Nicole Zaworska

Please congratulate all of your fellow classmates on their achievement.  We are confident that this great group of students will serve you well as representatives for the College of Law.