Spring 2017 Class Ranks and Honor Roll/Dean’s List

Dear students:

Class ranks for the spring 2017 semester are now available.  You may view your class rank on myStetson by following these instructions.

How to VIEW YOUR CLASS RANK on myStetson:

Step 1:  Log in to myStetson.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact Information Technology.
Step 2:  Under Student Records, select Final Grades.
Step 3:  Then click on the drop down arrow and click the term you want.
Step 4:  Once you click the term, select the Submit button.
Step 5:  You should now be able to see your grade report which includes your class rank.  Ranking is located under Academic Standing.


Please note you are able to view your term rank on myStetson, in addition to your cumulative ranking.  The term ranking is used to calculate Dean’s List and Honor Roll.  It can be viewed on myStetson through Final Grades, but it is not printed on your law school transcript.  We have made it available to you strictly for informational purposes.

For questions regarding how Class Ranks are done click here, and for questions regarding how Honor Roll/Dean’s List are done click here.