SBA’s Diversity Week Information

Stop by the SBA Diversity Committee table in the Breezeway during lunch this week. Grab a snack, or provide anonymous responses to questions like “what is your diversity?” or “how do you promote inclusion?” We urge you to take a moment and learn about your own biases. Then join the ABA on Thursday at 5:00pm for a ABA Diversity Day 2017 for an open, honest student-led discussion on Implicit Bias and Diversity: From the Personal to the Professional. On Wednesday during lunch, join BLSA for Being Black in America and on Thursday during lunch join BLSA, HBA, and The Pillars for Shades of Grey: Colorblind Jurisprudence and Color-Conscious Practice. Friday culminates the week with BLSA’s must RSVP to event Igniting the Legacy, Continuing the Change a Black History Gala.