SBA Nominations Due today (2/22) at 5pm

Last Day!!  Don’t Wait!!

SBA Officer and Class Representative Nominations Open until 5 pm!

Here is your opportunity to make a difference and have a lasting impact. Nominations are open for all Executive Board and Class Representative positions!

You can nominate yourself or someone else.

Executive Board positions include: President, Vice President, Vice President of Part-Time (must be a part-time student), Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sports Commissioner, and ABA/LSD Vice Representative (2 year position, therefore limited to current 1L students). In order to run for these positions, you must have served either as a class rep, elected council, or as a committee chair.

Please e-mail should you have any further questions regarding the positions or the process.

All class level representatives are needed! No experience necessary! If you are currently serving as a rep, please remember that you must re-nominate and run for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Please send nominations with the following information:

Name of student, academic year (2L/3L/LLM//etc.), and position nominating for, to

Nominations close promptly at 5pm on February 22th so please don’t delay!