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“Power and Greed and the Corruptible Seed”

Mental Disability, Prosecutorial Misconduct,

and the Death Penalty

Speaker: Michael L. Perlin

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 |  5- 6 p.m.

Classroom D, Stetson University College of Law

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This talk focuses the extent to which prosecutorial misconduct has contaminated the entire death penalty process, especially in cases involving defendants with mental disabilities, a misconduct that is largely hidden and ignored. It demonstrates how some prosecutors purposely (and with impunity) flaunt the canons of ethics in the prosecution of defendants with mental disabilities in death penalty cases, and then offers some modest solutions to (at least, partially) cure this problem.

 Michael Perlin

An internationally recognized expert on mental health law, Michael L. Perlin has devoted his career to championing legal rights for people with mental disabilities. He is also the author of 27 books and 300 scholarly articles on all aspects of mental disability law, many of which focus on the intersection between mental disability law and criminal law and procedure.

He is a Professor Emeritus at New York Law School, and co-founder of Mental Disability Law and Policy Associates.

Professor Perlin is a teacher-lawyer-advocate who advises mental health professionals, hospitals, advocates, activists, lawyers, and governments. He has worked directly on mental disability cases as a deputy public defender and as director of the Division of Mental Health Advocacy in the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate, and at all levels of the judicial system – from police court to the Supreme Court of the United States. Throughout his career, Professor Perlin has witnessed the complexities and frustrations facing both judges and attorneys, and he travels around the globe to speak out about the legal rights of people with mental disabilities.