REMINDER: New Jobs Available! Fall 2016 OCR Session N Application Open Until November 2 at 11:59 p.m.

The next opportunity to apply for Fall 2016 OCR opportunities, Fall 2016 – Session N, is open and applicants can apply, and modify applications, for employers in this Session until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.

Don’t forget that there are also opportunities for employment available on the Jobs Board!  OCR is one of our TWO places for you to find jobs; the other is the Stetson Law Jobs tab on Symplicity (i.e. Stetson’s “Jobs Board”).  Be sure to check the Stetson Law Jobs tab frequently, as opportunities are added here by individual employers on their own and new opportunities appear regularly.

Participating employers. Employers participating in this OCR Session include:

Alba & Yochim PA (3Ls and Recent Graduates for Associate positions in its office(s) in Gainesville, FL). The employer has provided the following information:
Entry level associate working primarily in family law field but some involvement in personal injury. We are primarily a litigation firm whether it be personal injury litigation or family law litigation. The candidate who is hired should expect to begin making court appearances within the first 2 months and taking depositions and handling contested hearings and trials within 6-9 months. We take pride in knowing how to handle ourselves in court and will teach you everything you need to know about being a trial lawyer.

Good Times USA LLC (2Ls for School Year Law Clerk positions in its office(s) in Tampa, FL). The employer has provided the following information:
Our General Counsel’s office needs assistance. Law clerks will gain hands on experience and gain exposure in areas of administrative law, litigation, human resources, insurance, sweepstakes, contracts, the federal FDA regulatory process, and more.  Good Times USA was founded with unmatched entrepreneurial spirit and ever since, has aimed to earn market leadership with Quality products. At our heart lies the differential Innovation that HAS and WILL continue to shape the tobacco industry.

Marks Gray, P.A. (2Ls for Summer Associate positions in its office(s) in Jacksonville, FL). The employer has provided the following information:
Marks Gray, P.A. is a multi-faceted law firm with 24 attorneys experienced in a wide range of practice areas. Marks Gray takes immense pride in the highly personalized service it provides to its clients. The attorneys at Marks Gray represent local, regional, national and international clients in a variety of matters. The firm has a diverse practice that includes an extensive litigation practice in commercial and tort defense, professional liability defense, intellectual property, banking, real estate, business law, commercial transactions, probate, taxation, wealth succession, immigration and workers’ compensation.

Moyer Law Group (2Ls for Summer Associate positions in its office(s) in St. Petersburg, FL). The employer has provided the following information:
Moyer Law Group is a boutique law firm focused on Construction Law and Commercial Litigation. The Summer Associate Program is admittedly demanding, but that’s because we are looking for our future colleagues and partners.  From your very first day at the office you will be immersed in the culture and cases of the firm.  For 12 weeks, you will gain valuable experience working alongside the firm’s associates and partners at in all facets of a case, including depositions, client meetings, court hearings, mediations and potentially trials.  Assignments will be meaningful and allow you to sample a broad range of the firm’s construction and commercial work.  The attorneys you work with will ask you to draft research memoranda, litigation pleadings, discovery, and various motions and briefs.  This well-rounded approach allows you demonstrate your analytical, advocacy and writing skills.  While we don’t require summer associates to work a minimum number of hours, most work an average of 40 to 50 hours per week depending on their work assignments.  Your experience provides you a feel for the “real world” pace, and reflects the quality work that you’ll be responsible for as an associate.  In addition to case related assignments, Summer Associates traditionally participate in a mock depositions and trial, and receive business development and marketing skills training.  Note: this employer will collect materials through Session P and applicants can apply through Session N, Session O (when it opens), or Session P (when it opens).

Pennington, P.A. (2Ls and 3Ls for School Year Law Clerk positions in its office(s) in Tampa, FL). The employer has provided the following information:
Part- Time Law Clerk needed for fast paced defense litigation team.  Mock Trial experience preferred.  Research and prepare motions and legal memorandum for defense litigation team.   Search for and study legal records and documents to obtain data applicable to case under consideration.  Prepare rough drafts of briefs or arguments.  Prepare summaries of depositions and files.  Prepare letters to clients.  File pleadings for firm with court clerk.  Serve copies of pleading on opposing counsel.  Prepare affidavits of documents and keep document file and correspondence of cases.  Tasks include: (1) Researches and analyzes law sources to prepare legal documents for review, approval, and use by attorney; (2) Prepares motions and files pleadings with court clerk; (3) Prepares affidavits of documents and maintains document file; (4) Investigates facts and law of case to determine causes of action and to prepare case accordingly; (5) Conducts social media searches and background investigations of Plaintiffs; (6) Prepares outlines for depositions and mediations; (7) Prepares arguments for motion hearings; (8) Prepares letters and correspondences outlining issues in cases for clients; and (9) Prepares medical chronologies from medical records received in discovery.

All applications for OCR are via Symplicity and the “OCR” tab. Employers participating in OCR can be viewed in the Fall 2016 OCR Participating Employer Guide (located in the Symplicity Document Library), which also provides detailed information on the application materials required by each employer. Step-by-step instructions for how to apply to OCR opportunities via Symplicity are available in the Fall 2016 OCR Instructions (located in the Symplicity Document Library). Applicants can apply, and modify applications, until the deadline, as no candidate materials are sent to an employer until after the close of the application period.

Stetson Law OCR Policy AffirmationEvery student participating in OCR must complete Stetson Law’s On Campus Recruiting Policy Agreement Form (found by clicking here) before their materials will be sent to the employer.  Note that if you completed this for a prior application Session you do not need to do it again (i.e. it only needs to be done once).

Stetson Law and this Career Development staff takes enormous pride in the fact that we consistently receive positive feedback from employers on our candidates’ preparedness. Accordingly:(1) Each document submitted for an OCR opportunity will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the proper formatting standards. If a candidate submits documents in an improper format, the candidate’s materials will not be given to the employer.(2) Each candidate must submit all documents requested by the employer, and if all documents are not submitted, the candidate’s materials will not be given to the employer.Please email Korey Henson ( with any questions.