Reminder for tomorrow’s Lunch Pals Mentoring Workshop Luncheon, RSVP Today! Volunteer and Pro Bono Opportunities

Tomorrow (August 30) in the Mann Lounge, a workshop luncheon for anyone interested in volunteering in nearby Gulfport Elementary School’s weekly Lunch Pals mentoring program.  New and returning volunteers welcome!!

RSVP to Adrienne DeLisse at the Dean’s Office,

Law students participating in the weekly Lunch Pals program are eligible for non-legal pro bono credit! 

The workshop includes lunch, program overview, mentoring training and registration.*   Pizza is available at 11:45am, and the presentation starts at noon led by Pinellas County Schools’ Susan Schneck, Mary Ruth Bumgarner, and the NEW Gulfport Principal Jess Hathaway!

*Pinellas County Schools require volunteers to submit a Volunteer Registration Form 2016-17 AND a copy of driver’s license, and complete a training workshop such as the August 30 luncheon. Completed registration materials for Gulfport Elementary volunteers can be submitted to Mary Ruth Bumgarner.

More about Pinellas County Schools, Lunch Pals, mentoring and other volunteer programsPCS Lunch Pals flyer
Lunch Pals is designed to provide students with an additional presence of a caring, consistent and committed adult in their lives.  As a Lunch Pal, you’ll make a difference in the life of a student simply by having lunch with them for 30 minutes once a week. Being a Lunch Pal requires no special talent – all you have to do is be a friend.

If you can’t attend August 30, PCS has several workshops scheduled in our area found:  Workshops occur throughout the year and offer guidelines about effective listening skills, goal setting, communication skills and relationship building.

PCS mentoring programs are endorsed by the United Way, the Juvenile Welfare Board, and the St. Petersburg and Clearwater Chambers of Commerce. Lunch Pals is on Twitter! @lunchpals

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