Reminder – Fall 2020 Compassionate Release Practicum. Apply by 9:00am, July 27

COVID19 has hit prisons extremely hard leaving many without relief. The First Step Act changed the compassionate release process expanding criteria and allowing easier access to courts. Stetson’s Compassionate Release Practicum will explore the compassionate release process in the federal system and students will work on actual compassionate release petitions alongside the Middle District of Florida’s Federal Public Defender Office. 

This will be a one-credit pass/fail full semester course. Satisfactory completion of criminal law is a prerequisite to participating in this practicum. All instruction and work will be done virtually. There will be two synchronous sessions with dates announced in advance of the semester.  Students will meet with the attorneys for feedback on their weekly assignments throughout the semester. Students will have to undergo a background check conducted through the Federal Public Defender’s Office.  

Under the American Bar Association’s Standards, students may not receive monetary compensation for their work. 

Overseeing Professors are Professor Ellen S. Podgor and Professor Judith Scully

The application is available here