REMINDER – Fall 2017 Computer/ExamSoft Registration

If you have an exam scheduled this fall, you should have received an email on Tuesday, October 17 from regarding computer use registration. Even if you have ExamSoft already installed on your computer from a previous semester, please make sure you follow the instructions in that email completely. Additionally, if you had an exam or mid-term earlier this fall, be sure to download your exam templates for your final exams.

NOTE: Although there is no registration deadline, it is important for you to register ExamSoft and download your exam templates prior to your exams – proctors are instructed to begin exams on time, and I.T. staff may not assist you with the Registration/Download process in the exam room.

Examplify Clarification: ExamSoft is the parent company of Examplify (formerly SofTest). Although exam registration is still done via ExamSoft, the software used to take exams is Examplify (no longer SofTest). If have any questions or concerns about this change, please do not hesitate to contact ExamSoft directly at 866-429-8889, or

To view the Fall 2017 Computer Use Chart and the Fall 2017 Exam Schedule, please click here Registrar’s Page of Stetson Connect. Use the computer use chart to find out:

• If your professor is allowing Examplify
• What Examplify features will be used for your exam (secure or non-secure exam, spell check, etc.)
• If an exam is take-home (in which case the exam templates are available at a later date, and you will be notified via email at that time)

Please visit the Stetson ExamSoft FAQ page for detailed support information and more. Additionally, you may contact our office at, or the Stetson ExamSoft Administrators at

NOTE: Please retain all ExamSoft confirmation emails until after the exam period.

Thank you,