New website design for Stetson University College of Law

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Stetson University College of Law will launch a new design for our external website at

The new design for the College of Law website is part of a Stetson University-wide effort to improve the functionality and aesthetics of all Stetson University websites for visitors who increasingly use mobile devices to go online. The redesign is the result of more than a year of research and was led by Stetson University Marketing, the College of Law Communications Office, and one of the nation’s leading digital design firms.

The new website will be easier to navigate on mobile devices and will feature a more contemporary look with edge-to-edge video and more prominent graphical elements.


Questions we anticipate:

How can I access email and other items that were in the “Quicklinks” menu?

You will find links to Email, myStetson, StetsonConnect, Blackboard, and other links formerly in the “Quicklinks” menu at the bottom of the College of Law home page in the section that will look like this …


What happened to the main menu navigation with drop-down links?

These links can be found by clicking the “flyout” menu icon (similar to menus on Facebook and other popular sites) located in the upper-left corner. This menu icon will look like this …


Once this menu is opened, you’ll find expanded main menu links for the College of Law website that will look like this …


Will URL web addresses be affected by the new design?

No, URL web addresses are not changing. You will still be able to access pages you’ve bookmarked or have linked from other pages.

Apart from the home page, what changes in content will I see across the site?

The primary difference you’ll notice on interior pages will be the flyout menu navigation described above. You will also see sub-site navigation on the left-side (instead of right-side) of each page and additional links to the Stetson University main campus website. Gradually, you’ll see more changes across the website as we work with others to improve content, mobile accessibility and graphic elements.

Breadcrumb navigation near the top of each page will make it easier to return to previously visited pages and will look similar to this …


How will portals such as StetsonConnect and the Campus Docket be affected?

The new design is for our public website. We don’t anticipate that portals designed specifically for our on-campus community such as StetsonConnect, the Campus Docket, and the Bar Prep Portal will be affected in the near future.

I’d like to skip the external website and go directly to the online resources I most often use. How can I do that?

You can always create bookmarks within your preferred web browser (or desktop shortcuts) to the online resources you most often use. Here are the URL addresses to a few of our frequently used online resources:

• Campus Docket (on-campus events and announcements)

• Green Pages Directory (contact information for faculty/staff)

• Email

• StetsonConnect (Intranet for admitted students, current students, faculty, staff)

• myStetson (user-specific info regarding grades, registration, employee timesheet, etc.)

• Blackboard

Need help creating a bookmark? Watch this video for help with Internet Explorer.

Thank you for your patience as we continue our collective work to better address the needs of numerous people visiting Stetson University websites every day.