Monday deadline – Fall 2020 tax law opportunity within the In-House Counsel Externship

Students may now apply for a special tax law externship placement for Fall, 2020. The student will be enrolled in the In-House Counsel Externship and participate in the In-House Counsel course component, but at a specific tax law placement overseen by Professor Andrew Appleby.  The selected student(s) will gain significant tax planning experience.  They will analyze the federal and international tax implications of various corporate structures, reorganizations (including M&A), and the TCJA.  They will perform legal research and analysis, draft memos and slide decks, and work with the Global Head of Tax directly.  Students will also develop an appreciation of the role played by in-house tax lawyers.

As detailed above, the placement is overseen by Professor Appleby within Professor Radwan’s In-House Counsel Externship. The classroom component of the course will include participation in at least three (3) self-selected sessions of Professor Cerniglia’s Individual Externship Seminar, which meets weekly from 4:55pm – 5:55pm (virtually). Participants in the Externship Seminar will be enrolled in the associated Blackboard page “Individual Externship Program.” The Blackboard page serves as the administrative platform for the externship and is where students will access externship related resources and learning modules, and submit weekly timesheets and other course required documents.

To apply, students must complete the clinic and externship application for Fall, 2020, available here.  When asked to identify their externship of choice, students must select the In-House Counsel Externship as choice number 1. Cover letters should be addressed to Prof. Appleby.

Interested students must have completed Federal Taxation I. Federal Taxation II and Business Entities. 

Applications are due by the end of day (11:59pm) on Monday, July 27, 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application, please contact Ryan Hoyle at or 727-562-7359.