Legal Pro Bono!

Legal Pro Bono!

Flexible Hours!

Interesting Topics dealing with CSI such as Blood Pattern Evidence and DNA Analysis!

Spring 2017 Pro Bono Opportunities through the

National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law (NCSTL)

Do you want the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of forensic science and the law? With the immense popularity of television shows like NCIS, the field of forensic science is more popular than ever; and now is your chance to work with the world’s only resource combining science, technology, and the law.

The National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law is excited to work with Stetson students in accomplishing their pro bono credit during the Spring 2017 semester. Our program is ideal for part-time students and full-time students who prefer working from home because the majority of the work can be done online. Additionally the work may be particularly appealing to those with an interest in evidence, criminal law, and/or forensic science.

Students will draft brief case summaries for opinions that involve forensic science. The cases will cover a wide variety of subjects, such as: expert witness testimony, DNA, fingerprints, digital evidence, psychology, and cybercrime. A full list of topics is available on NCSTL’s database. To view our database, visit and register to use it for free.

To participate in this program, students must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Participants must possess strong writing skills.
    • Participants must be willing to fully complete the project which typically requires between 15-30 hours of legal research and writing.
    • Participants must have completed both RW1 and RW2.
    • Participants must attend a mandatory* on-line Training Session (instructions for the on-line meeting will be given upon acceptance in program). The students will earn non-legal pro bono credit for attending the full training session as long as all assignments and corrections are successfully completed.
    • Participants must send an e-mail requesting admission into the Pro Bono program to Professor Henderson and Brittan Mitchell, NCSTL pro bono supervising attorney, This e-mail must include the student’s name, year and contact information. We also strongly suggest that students include a few sentences to explain their interest in the program / demonstrate their writing ability. Please submit emails to requesting admission no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, January 13, 2017.

The program has limited space, so apply early to ensure admission. Students who are accepted into the program will receive an e-mail notifying them of their acceptance. Students who do not make it into the Spring 2017 program will be notified, kept on file, and contacted if a space later becomes available.

For more information please contact Brittan Mitchell, the NCSTL pro bono supervising attorney at

*The only exception is for students who successfully completed NCSTL’s pro bono program in a previous semester. Details for these students will be arranged on an individual basis. However such students must still request admission via e-mail.