International Education Week – The Netherlands (Holland) on Tuesday!

Ready to try what the Dutch eat? Stop by the Bistro on Tuesday to check out the Dutch items they have on the menu (which are both things you will find on nearly every Dutch menu):

Beef Bitterballen
French fries with Mayonnaise (it’s true!)

After you’ve had your Dutch experience with bitterballen and fries with mayo, stop by the breezeway and pick up information about our program next summer in The Hague. You can earn 4 credits in 4 weeks in the legal center of the world. We run two tracks of courses in this program (think: two different programs in one location) to try to take as many students as possible – it’s such a popular program!  And, you’ll be there with some of our Stetson faculty:

Professor Beane Resident Director (first 2 weeks, Track 1)
Dean WilsonResident Director (last 2 weeks, Track 1), teaching International Intellectual Property Alternate Dispute Resolution
Professor Sheehan – Program Liaison (Track 2), teaching International Negotiation and Mediation
Professor Bauer – teaching International Consumer & Privacy Law (Track 1) and Global Aging (Track 2)
Professor Scully – teaching International Human Rights & Policing in the U.S. (Track 2)

In The Hague program, we will visit the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace.

Summer study abroad scholarships are available for all four Stetson summer study abroad programs, and all programs are financial aid eligible.

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Find out why this is our most popular program!

If you have questions about the program or the application process, please contact Kristen Cohen.