Information Security: YOU can help fight phishing attacks!

Due to the increase in phishing scams that constantly hit the university’s network, the Information Technology department has acquired and is implementing a new security awareness and training system. Over the last few weeks, we have run a phishing exercise to establish a baseline on security awareness. During this time, 1,558 phishing emails created by our security team were delivered. Out of those delivered, 122 individuals clicked on the link in the fraudulent email, 86 people entered their username and password on the bogus website, and 8 responded to the email reporting that their login was not working.

Why do we do this?  Over the last couple of years, we have installed new firewalls, new antivirus solutions and spam filters. We have also hardened the security rules applied within our mail system. All of these measures were put in place to prevent phishing attempts from reaching you.

How are our efforts paying off thus far? We want to share a normal week’s worth of statistics from our defense system:

  • Emails blocked by SPAM filter: 1.86 million emails per week.
  • 578 viruses blocked by our firewalls per week.
  • 69 viruses/Trojans and 315 malicious applications detected and removed this week.
  • 1,018 intrusions blocked per week by our firewalls, 241 of which are of critical severity.
  • 138 websites blocked per week by our antivirus software due to malicious content.

As you can see, our systems are working hard to prevent the majority of these malicious attacks from reaching you. There are still some that make it through and we are asking for your help. Industry standards and best practices place “user awareness and training” as the next best line of defense to mitigate these attacks. To align with these standards, all Stetson community members can now access and review current best practices regarding information security. To access the training, press this link: Internet Security Training and you will be prompted to log on to myStetson. Next, press Courses > Internet Security Training and then follow the directions. Press here for detailed instructions.

Total information security is our goal so always feel free to ask questions, be aware, and when in doubt, please reach out to IT!

IT contact information for COL: or 727-562-7323