Five-Digit Phone Extensions for All Campuses

In our efforts to improve services and build on the “One Stetson” initiative, we are integrating directories and voicemail systems on all campuses. An added benefit of this consolidation initiative is a substantial savings on telecommunication costs for all Stetson locations. As part of the process, all phone extensions have been changed to five digits. The existing four-digit extensions will also be available through the summer. Your day-to-day dialing habits will remain the same.

How your new extension will look:

  • DeLand and Celebration – a 2 will be added to the beginning of each extension; for example, ext. 7300 will become 27300.
  • Gulfport and Tampa – a 3 will be added to the beginning of each extension; for example, ext. 7800 will become 37800.

What to expect:  Your current extension has already been replaced with a five-digit extension; this will be displayed on your phones. Both the five-digit and four-digit extensions will function through Summer 2016, with plans to fully utilize the five-digit extensions prior to the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester.

Why this change is necessary: This change will enable us to move forward with our efforts to integrate our phone systems and eliminate duplicate systems, since Gulfport and DeLand currently have many of the same four-digit 7XXX extensions.

What departments may need to do:  Because four-digit extensions will be phased out by the end of Summer 2016, any documentation that contains a four-digit extension will need to be updated to reflect the new extensions. These may include business cards, stationery, pre-printed forms, web pages, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

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