Financial Education Survey

I hope this semester is off to a great start! Stetson University College of Law is participating in a financial education pilot program with Access Group, a nonprofit membership organization comprised of nearly 200 nonprofit and state-affiliated ABA-approved law schools. Stetson is working with Access Group to develop a financial education curriculum that will improve the financial capability and capacity of law students.

As part of this pilot program, we ask you to participate in a confidential survey to help Access Group learn more about the activities, knowledge, needs and questions that today’s law students have as it relates to personal finance and debt management. The information you provide will be used to help create financial tools and resources for law students and alumni – and will be available to you free of charge, as are all of Access Group’s services.

This survey (Stetson University College of Law Pilot Program Survey) includes a total of up to 50 questions which should take approximately 14 minutes to complete. To thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, all survey respondents who complete this survey by 1/27/17 will have the opportunity to be entered in to a drawing to win a $1500 scholarship.

If you have questions about this survey or our participation in this pilot program, please contact the Access Group Director of Financial Education, Dr. Lyssa Thaden, by email at or by phone at 484.653.3302. We sincerely appreciate your assistance with this important program as we seek better ways to help you in all aspects of your educational journey.