Final Step – Network Drive Space Reconfiguration – Important

This Tuesday evening between 8:00 p.m. and midnight, the final migration step of our network file restructuring will occur, so please make sure you sign off of your computer Tuesday night. If you have any problems on Wednesday, please try signing off and then back on again. Although this is scheduled between 8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m., the amount of time that your files will be unavailable will be approximately 30 minutes.

*** In review, most College of Law employees have access to the following network drive space: ***

H: (Individual) drive – Your own network space that only you can access (this is not impacted by the changes)

I: (Department) drive – Network space on a shared drive that is only accessible by individuals within your department or workgroup

The change Tuesday evening will occur on the I: (Department) drive. Currently, when you are logged in to the network and access the I: drive, you only see the file folders that are directly related to your department or workgroup. After the upgrade, all top-level department or workgroup file folders across campus will be displayed. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that anyone who can see a file folder can access it. The permissions for accessing anything on the I: or J: drives remain the same. Additionally, ONLY the top-level file folders will be displayed; no other department/workgroup sub-folders or sub-files will be viewable. If you don’t have permission to open a file folder now, you won’t after this change is made. Post-migration, we will look into hiding the folders that you don’t have permission to access.

You will also see another folder called ‘Archive’ that is related to your department. This folder contains the contents of the previous ‘X:’ drive – which was a folder that contained mission-critical documents/contracts/pictures, etc. The ‘X:’ drive will no longer exist.

*** Remember that the J: (Campus) drive is no longer displayed as a separate entity. It has been relocated (alphabetic sort) under the I: drive within a file folder called ‘Campus’. ***

As a reminder, everything on the H:/I:/J: drives is copied to tape nightly. DO NOT store anything critical on your C: (Computer) drive – since that space is not on the network, it is not copied to tape and not recoverable should your computer crash.

As always, if you have any questions, or experience any issues, please call us at extension 7206, (727) 562-7323 off-campus, or email us at

Technology Support Center | Office of Information Technology | Phone: (727) 562-7323