Fall 2016 On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Information

This announcement provides important information regarding Stetson Law’s Fall 2016 On Campus Recruiting (OCR) program, which will begin with submission of application materials to employers starting in mid-July. Please read the information below carefully.

Why Should I Participate?
No matter what direction you intend to go with your legal career, participation in the Fall OCR process should be considered an absolute “must do” activity.  Many of these opportunities are with prestigious legal employers who have chosen to recruit on Stetson’s campus.  We strongly encourage all eligible students to participate (Fall 2016 OCR is open to any full time or part time student scheduled to graduate in August 2018 or earlier) as your active participation is important to both your legal career and to Stetson Law.  Stetson Law’s OCR program provides a wide variety of opportunities in terms of both employer type, practice setting, location, and employer preferred academic qualifications, so there should be opportunities that appeal to everyone.

What is Fall 2016 OCR?
Stetson Law invites employers of all types to conduct recruiting activities on campus. Employers are able to participate in On Campus Recruiting (OCR) in one of two ways: On Campus Interviews (OCI) or Coordinated Resume Collection. Employers that participate in OCI come to campus to conduct interviews with students for various positions, including summer associate programs, school year law clerks, and permanent positions.  Employers that participate in Coordinated Resume Collection receive applicant materials and then schedule interviews with selected students on their own at a location other than campus.

What is a Summer Associate Position?
Many of the opportunities in the early sessions of Fall 2016 OCR will be for prestigious (and high paying) “Summer Associate” positions.  These opportunities are “once in a legal career” type opportunities and should not be ignored. Employers hiring for “Summer Associate” positions interview students through the OCR process during the summer between their 1L year and 2L year (i.e. Summer and early Fall 2016) for employment for the summer between their 2L year and 3L year (i.e. Summer 2017).

What Should I Do To Prepare?
To ensure that you are fully prepared for the Fall 2016 OCR process, please review the Fall 2016 On Campus Recruiting Toolkit (found by clicking here). This document contains important information about how and when to participate. It is essential that you read it through to the end. In particular, I want to highlight several items you need to be aware of if you intend to participate:

  • Mandatory Document Review (see Fall 2016 OCR Toolkit Page 4) – Every student that participates in Sessions A & B of Fall 2016 OCR must submit a copy of their resume and one cover letter to Korey Henson (khenson@law.stetson.edu) for review prior to June 24, 2016 (at the absolute latest), regardless of whether your documents have previously been reviewed by the Career Development Office.  When preparing your documents for review please be sure to review our Resume Toolkit (found by clicking here) and our Cover Letter Toolkit (found by clicking here), which provide valuable, market-specific guidance on both of these documents.
  • When Fall 2016 OCR Application Occurs (see Fall 2016 OCR Toolkit Page 5) – The first application window (Fall 2016 – Session A) opens on July 8th and closes at 11:59pm on July 14th, with the next application session (Fall 2016 – Session B) opening on July 15th.
  • Interview Preparation Program (see Fall 2016 Toolkit Page 6) – Stetson Law provides a comprehensive practice interview program to help candidates prepare for OCR interviews, and employers regularly comment on the high level of preparedness of Stetson Law students when interviewing for their positions. You are strongly encouraged to conduct a practice interview prior to your first OCR interview. You may schedule a practice interview for OCR interviews for the weeks of August 1st and August 8th by emailing Korey Henson (khenson@law.stetson.edu).
  • When Fall 2016 OCR Interviews Begin (see Fall 2016 OCR Toolkit Page 5) – The interviews for Fall 2016 – Session A employers will start the week of August 15th (the week before fall semester classes begin).

Which Employers Participate?
The initial Fall 2016 OCR Participating Employer Guide has been posted to the Symplicity Document Library (and may be found by clicking here). Pay close attention to the Session ID listed for each employer, as this corresponds to the application period for each employer (e.g. Hill Ward Henderson is in Fall 2016 – Session A, which accepts applications July 8th through July 14th, whereas Williams Parker is in Fall 2016 – Session B, which accepts applications July 15th through July 21st).  This document is preliminary at this point and will be updated regularly as additional employers register.

How Do I Apply?
Everything you need to do in order to participate in Fall 2016 OCR occurs on Symplicity through the “OCR” tab (with the exception of the on campus interview, itself, of course).  Detailed application instructions have been posted in the Document Library (Fall 2016 OCR Instructions) (and may be found by clicking here).

One last bit of housekeeping: if you click on one of the links in this email and your browser opens and displays “unauthorized, all you need to do is log into Symplicity ( https://law-stetson-csm.symplicity.com/students/ ) and then return to this announcement and click on the link again.

Direct any questions about the Fall 2016 OCR program to Korey Henson (khenson@law.stetson.edu).