CULTURAL COMPETENCY AND PROFESSIONALISM: The Path to Inclusion of the LGBTQIA Community in Practice

Elon University in North Carolina has achieved CampusPride’s “Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendliest Campuses in the U.S.” As a result, they received a grant to partner with other campus communities to assist in their inclusion and diversity efforts. Stetson Law is proud to present a workshop led by two of Elon University’s key faculty members. Matthew Antonio Bosch serves as Director of the Gender & LGBTQIA Center for Elon University. Brooke Barnett, Ph.D. is the Associate Provost for Inclusive Community and is also a Professor with the School of Communications at Elon University.

The student workshop will be held Tuesday February 9th from Noon-1pm in The Great Hall. This interactive session presented will build student’s knowledge and awareness around LGBTQIA topics including language, historical context and current legal issues. The session will end with a focus not only on the power of LGBTQIA students and allies to build a culture of respect, acceptance and celebration, but will also provide cultural competence as students step into the legal profession.

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