Dear students:

This is to inform you that you may now bid for spring 2017 coursesFor inclusion in the lottery, the deadline for entering your course selections “bids” is Friday, October 28 by 5:00 p.m.  Please note there were some additions/deletions/changes made to the schedule that was released on October 11.

Prior to entering your course selections (bids), please read the Course Registration Instructions, which are located on Registration 101 (, under Explore your Options and Requirements. Furthermore, check out the videos on Registration 101 under Bid for Courses to answer any questions you might have on bidding for courses.

Fall 2015 Part-time Entrants, we will automatically enroll you in Constitutional Law I, Section 4.  You will bid on your other courses yourself.

Fall 2016 Full-time Entrants, you will only bid on the section of R&W II that is of most interest to you. However, if you do not receive your first choice, you are still required to take R&W II in the spring 2017 semester.  Note: You can only bid for one section of R&W II; you cannot bid for alternate sections.  The Registrar’s Office will enroll you in your other courses for spring 2017 – Constitutional Law I, Real Property, and Torts.

Fall 2016 Part-time Entrants do not bid for courses.  The Registrar’s Office will put you in your courses for spring 2017.  The courses for spring 2017 are Real Property, and Research & Writing I.  The course you will take in summer 2017 is Civil Procedure.

IMPORTANT: While you are in myStetson making your course selections, this would be a good time to verify your expected graduation date, as this is one component the course selection (lottery) process looks at.  To view your expected graduation date, go to Student Records, select Academic Transcript, select Law for Transcript Level, and select one of the Law School Transcripts.  If your graduation date is incorrect, please complete the Request to Change Anticipated Date of Graduation form by clicking here.

To make sure you are on track for graduation, please check your Degree Audit by going through Registration 101 under Explore your Options and Requirements. In addition, you can find Graduation Requirements Checklist there as well.


If you end up on a wait list after the lottery is run, please do not be discouraged.  Wait lists will tend to move when add/drop begins due to students rearranging their schedules around clinics or externships they received or other reasons.  Students will be notified by email when they come up on a wait list.  Once you receive an email, you will have 24 hours to take action.  If you take no action, you will be removed from the wait list and the system will send an email to the next student on the wait list and so forth.  Also, please do not remove yourself from a wait list unintentionally.  Why?  We will not be able to put you back on the wait list in the same position.

Special note about Electronic (Distance) Education Courses

Due to the change in the ABA rule regarding Electronic (Distance) Education Courses, Stetson’s policy (effective with spring 2015) will be as follows for students in the JD Program:

  • Must have successfully completed 28 credit hours to enroll in an Electronic (Distance) Education Course.
  • May take up to a total of 15 credit hours of Electronic (Distance) Education Courses toward your degree.
  • Even though the ABA says that students can take up to 15 credits of Electronic (Distance) Education Courses per semester, Stetson is only permitting a total of  8 credit hours per semester.

Furthermore, you should realize that Electronic (Distance) Education courses are as much work or more work than a regular live course.  It is critical to get started with the course immediately during the first week.  NOTE:  Students are allowed to bid for more than 8 credits of electronic education credits.  However, if you end up having more than 8 credits of electronic education credits after bidding, you will need to decide which course(s) to drop, unless you received permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us at (727) 562-7803.