Congratulations to the newly elected 2017-2018 Student Bar Association officers!

Please help us congratulate  the newly elected 2017-18 Student Bar Association officers!
Approximately 51% of the student body voted in this election

Executive Board

President:  Dale Tan

Vice President:  TBD
Will be determined by runoff election between Caroline Garrity and Bea Sanchez (more information to follow regarding runnoff)

Vice President of PT Students:  Kathryn Hutchinson

Treasurer:  Ashleigh Thornton

Secretary:  Katie Holland

Parliamentarian:  Aman Dhaliwal

Sports Commissioner:  Elle Cummins

2L Student Representatives

Kathryn Bonti

Cymoril White

Kimberly Lopater

Brielle Tucker

Valeria Vilaverde

Matthew Ceriale

John Kimbrough

Maximillion Brown

Erica Balogh

Mark Joseph

Justine Roof

Tara Pachter

3L Student Representatives

Bea Sanchez

John Bielby

Brian Garrity

Jessica Cauley

Kaley Witeck

Madison Allen

Elizabeth Shuman

Alexandria Avera

Taylor Carley

Drew Canavan

Please congratulate your new student representatives! Thank you to all the candidates and students who participated in the SBA electoral process!