Congratulations to our Dispute Resolution Board teams!

Fabulous work this past weekend by the Dispute Resolution Board!

First, great news from Orlando, at the ABA Law Student Division Client Counseling Competition, hosted by FAMU:  Stetson had two teams competing—P.J. Nowlan and Stephanie Cuello, and Tiffany Eveld and Nicole Brunswick.  Both teams performed exceedingly well in the preliminary rounds, and both advanced to semifinals.  Tiffany and Nicole were tied for first and seeded second, and P.J. and Stephanie  were tied for second and seeded third.

And then, in a thrilling turn of events, both teams advanced to the final rounds!  In this particular competition, three teams advance to the final rounds:  two Stetson teams and a team from Mercer.  We ultimately took second (P.J. and Stephanie) and third (Nicole and Tiffany).

But wait, it may not end there for the team of P.J. and Stephanie.  At this particular competition, the first place team is guaranteed an invitation to the national finals, and sometimes the second place team receives an invitation as well.  We are waiting to hear the results from all the regionals, because a Stetson team may be advancing to national finals.  This is something that Stetson has not done in over 20 years.  Stay tuned!

We are so proud of our teams’ hard work and excellent performance!  A special thanks to coach Aleks Jagiella for her incredible work and dedication to these teams,  and also to Professor Ellen Podgor, who not only served as a client for the teams’ dress rehearsal, but also provided consultation to them as they prepared for their rounds.

Second, very impressive news from Lynchburg, Virginia, at the Liberty University National Negotiation Tournament.  Three Stetson teams competing in this competition—Hayley Brew and Bella Rojas, Ivan Lys-Dobradin and  Brigette Perl, and Samantha Grizzle and  Tamara Major.

At the semifinal level, Hayley and Bella advanced, and the other two teams of Ivan, Brigette, Samantha, and Tamara were all part of a five-way tie for the last semifinalist slot.  Unfortunately, the second and third teams did not advance into the semifinals, but the team of Hayley and Bella did not stop at semifinals—off to the finals they went, winning fourth place.

Professor Sheehan and alumni coach Bill Greiner said our teams represented Stetson very well, and we are very proud of their excellent work!

Congratulations, Dispute Resolution Board teams!