Champions–The Evidence Moot Court Team!!

  • Excellent knowledge of law and the record;
  • An ability to directly answer questions and pivot back into the argument; and
  • Poised, calm, collected, and professional.

These are just a few of the extraordinary critiques that were heard about our team—Brittany Cover, Kristina Hartman, and Jeremy Rill—who competed at the Thirty-First Annual Dean Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Moot Court Competition, in Brooklyn, this weekend.  Throughout all six rounds, the feedback was consistent; our team was prepared!

And our team never wavered, through six rounds, while arguing three difficult and cutting-edge issues about emerging technology and the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Our team started as just one in a field of 36, but round after round, Brittany, Kristina, and Jeremy kept arguing and moving forward.  Side note here:  The brief score was worth 40% of the team’s overall score, and in each round, the rapid fire of questions increased (up to almost 60 questions in a thirty-minute period in the final round).

And the results?  Stetson’s team of Brittany, Kristina, and Jeremy were the First Place Team.  And the team did not stop there—the team won the Best Brief Award, and Jeremy won the award for the Best Oralist in the Final Round!

Congratulations to Brittany, Kristina, and Jeremy!  And an extra-special thank you to the team’s and my co-coach, Professor Flowers, whose continual support of not only the Moot Court Board, but all three Advocacy Boards, is amazing!

Professor Bowman