Call for Professional Development Fund Applications

The Student Professional Development Fund has been established to provide Stetson University College of Law students in good academic standing with the opportunity for professional enrichment through participation in events that require expensive travel.  By subsidizing the cost of these events, the fund allows students to participate at a defrayed cost in network building and professional development opportunities, unique learning experiences, educational programming, and job interviews, to the benefit of both student and College of Law.

Applications must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be considered (examples include screen shots and proposed itineraries with costs).  Please complete and submit to the Office of Student Affairs by 5:00pm Friday, October 21st, for consideration in the next funding meeting.

Attached are the guiding policies and procedures and a funding application for the Student Professional Development Travel Fund: travel-fund-policies-procedures-2016

The Fund Committee meets at least once each academic term, including summer, to consider funding requests.  Requests can be in the form of reimbursements for a qualifying opportunity that happened since the last application deadline or for upcoming opportunities.  All disbursements will be in the form of reimbursement.  Please refer to the guiding documents for more details about eligible activities.

Blank hard copies of the application packet are also available in the Student Affairs lobby.  For more information, please email Student Affairs at