Attention 1L’s – Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up to Attend an MBTI Workshop!

During Orientation Step 3, you completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment online.   If you have not yet completed the MBTI Assessment online, you can do so by clicking here or by copying the URL into your browser ( .) The assessment will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete online.  You must complete the assessment by noon the day before your workshop.

 With the Assessment completed, it is now the time attend an interactive workshop, led by our Certified Instructors, to do a self-verification and then to compare your results to your online assessment.

Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS why you should sign up to attend a MBTI Group Verification Workshop today:

5.   Understanding your MBTI type is a great tool for exam preparation;

4.   We will have snacks. I’m talking about good, high-end, quality snacks;

3.    Knowing your MBTI preferences is a key ingredient to having successful job interviews;

2.    You can finally find out which Harry Potter/Disney/Star Wars character share your MBTI type;  and,

1.    The MBTI can help you learn more about your law school colleagues, professors, and yourself!

Please reply to this email with your preferred Fall 2017 Group Verification Workshop Session.  We reserve the right to cancel sessions with fewer than six (6) attendees.  If we do have to cancel a session, you will be asked to select another session. Unless you hear otherwise, ALL verification workshops will take place in the Career Development Resource Room.

Session A –  Friday, October 27  


Coffee and Doughnuts!

MBTI Group Verification Session A

Session B – Monday, October 30 


Coffee, fancy snacks, biscotti, and LeCroix fizzy water!

MBTI Group Verification Session B

Session C – Tuesday, October 31 


Halloween treats. Go ahead and wear your costume!

MBTI Group Verification Session C

Session D – Thursday, November 2 


Chips, Guacamole, Salsa, and LeCroix fizzy water!

MBTI Group Verification Session D

Session E – Monday, November 6


It’s dinner time, so a tater tot bar is a must!

MBTI Group Verification Session E

Session F – Tuesday, November 7 


Coffee, fancy snacks, biscotti, and LeCroix fizzy water!

MBTI Group Verification Session F

Session G – Friday, November 10


Yummy yogurt parfaits!

MBTI Group Verification Session G

Session H – Thursday, November 16


Late-night PJ Party with cookies and milk!

MBTI Group Verification Session H

To register for one of the above workshops or to schedule an individual verification workshop, email indicating which session you are available to attend or whether you’d prefer an individual verification workshop along with your dates/times of availability by Wednesday, November 1, 2017.  Please watch The Campus Docket and your email for additional details.

Questions?  Email

Kamilah Clark, JD Assistant Director of Career Development