Dear students:

As you are aware, your Fall 2016 schedule is available in myStetson and you are now able to add/drop!

You are registered in a course only if you see the status code of RE or RW.  If you see the status code WL, that means you have been placed on the wait list for that course.  In addition, you might see the status code TC, which means you have a time conflict and you are not enrolled in that course.

Go here to view the instructions on how to view your schedule, add/drop a course, add a course you came up on for a wait list (new process), and add or remove yourself from a wait list using myStetson. You should have received your Registration PIN in a previous email.  The Registration PIN Number is the number you will need to add/drop courses.  Every student, currently enrolled, receives this number even if you do not need to add/drop.

Helpful Tips:  1) DO NOT DROP A COURSE you are currently enrolled in mainly due to the assumption you may add a Restricted Course to your schedule.  Prior to dropping a course with the anticipation of adding another, make sure the course does not have a wait list.  If a course has a wait list, that course is not open.  To see if a course has a wait list, go to Look-up Classes then look in the column labeled “WL Act” on the schedule in myStetson.  2)  If you were wait listed for a course, we suggest you do not remove yourself from the wait list prematurely.  3) In addition, courses with “R” before them are restricted.  You cannot add these courses yourself.  Do not drop a course you are in thinking you can get in one of these Restricted “R” courses.  In other words, “Restricted Courses” are not available for online registration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at registrar@law.stetson.eduAdd/drop will end on Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 p.m. for classes scheduled for the entire Fall 2016 semester.  Condensed/Weekend Courses have different add/drop deadlines, which is 14 days prior to the first day of classes.  Please check with the Registrar’s Office for enrollment into those courses.

Thank you.


Note1:  Students will be notified by email if there are any additions or changes to the schedulePlease check your email frequently!


Note2:  Students selected for a Clinic or Externship will have that course added to their schedule shortly after our office receives the list of names from the Office of Clinical Education.