2017-2018 Stetson Ambassadors

Attention Stetson Community… We are pleased to announce that the selection process for the 2017-2018 Stetson Ambassadors program is complete.  We want to thank the Office of Student Affairs, the Leadership Team, and all current Ambassadors for their hard work and dedication in the process.  We had many well-qualified applicants and we want to thank each and every one of them for expressing interest in the Ambassadors program.  Now, what you’ve been waiting for, here is the list of the 2017-2018 Stetson Ambassadors:

Stetson Ambassadors for 2017-2018: (New Ambassadors are in bold)

Robert Aranda

Nataly Azcurra

Miranda Azzarelli Ramedia

Jessica Baik

Paul Bailey

Erica Balogh

Felicia Becker

Reed Blair

Kathryn Bonti

Joseph Buhrts

Jessica Cauley

Joshua Chaykin

James Crow

Noelle Cummins

Guillermo De Guzman Serrano

Arielle Delametter

Aman Dhaliwal

Erin Domaracki

Jessica Eaton

Zoe Fisher

Blake Fromang

Bryanna Green

Kelly Hawk

Katherine Holland

Kathryn Hutchinson

Danny Jacobo

Annie Jed

Haviland Kebler

Jordan Keegan

John Kimbrough

Michaela Kirn

Michael Marder

Jordan Meyer

Kelli Motes

Kristen Nasser

Sonya Nazzal

Anthony Nunnally, Chief Ambassador

Tara Pachter

Kelley Parks

Michelle Payne

Madeline Pendley

Erica Ramos

Linett San Juan

Beatriz Sanchez

Liz Shuman

Oscar Sugranes

Brielle Tucker

Tayler Uselton

William Westergom

Hannah Yoder

Corey Zaron

Please congratulate them on their achievement.  We are confident that this great group of students will serve you well as representatives for the College of Law.