1L Important Reminder for Winter Break

Congratulations on conquering your first semester of law school!  While you utilize the time to recharge and renew over break, please think about taking the next step toward maximizing your law school experience. This is a perfect time to complete the 1L registration application for Character and Fitness, which also starts the process to become a Certified Legal Intern (C.L.I), or as it is better known on our campus – a clinic student.  If you apply before January 9th, the school will pay for your 1L registration fee of $100.

We  compiled steps below to help you through this process:

  • Visit the Florida Board of Bar Examiner’s website for Registration Process for 1L Students.  Note: Even if you do not intend to sit for the Florida Bar after graduation, this registration is necessary to participate in a clinic while in law school.  Also, a majority of the state bars require some sort of character and fitness review and you can utilize this process to assist with other state bar applications.  The link to apply is provided here: https://www.floridabarexam.org/__85257bfe0055eb2c.nsf/52286ae9ad5d845185257c07005c3fe1/240af21145e3680585257c0b007020f6.
  • Prepare to work through the checklist provided in the link above. This may take some time and ultimately you will need to print a hardcopy of the entire application and prepare to send off.  In step 4 of the checklist, there is a required application worksheet which identifies an application fee.  Complete this worksheet and bring your hard copy application to Stetson’s Business Office before January 9th.  Stetson will mail and pay your application fee for you.
  • If you need any help, assistance or have questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services, 727-562-7343, barprep@law.stetson.edu, or Tammy L. Briant, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, 727-562-7808,  tbriant@law.stetson.edu or Ryan Hoyle, Assistant Director for the Department of Clinical and Experiential Education, rhoyle@law.stetson.edu, 727-562-7359 or myself.

Your future 2l/3L self will thank you for getting this done now!  Enjoy your time off, and we look forward to seeing you next semester!