Stetson Law Review- Congratulations!

Each semester, Stetson Law Review assembles a Publication Committee that reviews student-written articles. Those articles that are selected are published in the Law Review. The subject matter of the papers varies widely, and any student may submit. The Committee searches for high-quality, well-researched, relevant, and superbly written scholarly articles. This semester, the Committee had many worthy candidates, but the following student writers rose above the rest:

Greg Pierson
Striking down the Impervious Shields: Why Caveat Emptor Must Be Abandoned in Commercial Real Property Sales and Leases

Evan Dix
Dazed and Confused: The Need for Clarity in Dodd-Frank’s Abusive Standard
Courtney Cox and Katy Womble
Trouble in Paradise? Examining the Jurisdictional and Precedential Relationships Affecting the Virgin Islands Judiciary

The articles will appear soon in upcoming issues of Stetson Law Review.

When you see these students, please congratulate them!