Webinar: 2019 Fundamentals of Special Needs Trusts Administration - Schedule

The Fundamentals of Special Needs Trust
Administration Webinar
Friday, April 26, 2019

 A half-day webinar that addresses challenging administrative issues faced by trustees, attorneys, financial planners and others involved in Special Needs Trust Administration.

1:00-1:10pm EDT
Welcome and Announcements 
Professor Rebecca Morgan

1:10-2:10pm EDT
Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana and the Trustee’s Decisions. 
Megan Brand
As Recreational and Medical Marijuana becomes legal in more states, we are faced with many decisions as trust administrators. We’ll explore the federal and state differences, the impact on government and employment benefits for the people we serve, why Marijuana may be requested by our beneficiaries, the logistics of purchases and finally, our liability as trustee.

2:10-3:00pm EDT
Guardians & Trustees: Working Together is the Goal—But is it the Reality?
Edwin M. Boyer and Genesis Smith
Guardians and trustees both serve as fiduciaries and have duties to the beneficiary. Yet the decisions they make, and the rules and procedures that govern their decisions, may differ. This session will review the duties and obligations of the trustee and guardian, examine situations where conflicts may occur, and offer suggestions on resolving those conflicts.

3:00-3:50pm EDT
Training Trustees 
Jennifer L. VanderVeen
You’ve drafted a beautiful document and it’s been approved, signed and funded. You may think your job is over. But whether it’s a corporate or individual trustee, a trust advisor or trust protector, what they don’t know can come back to hurt you. Learn about your potential liability for a fiduciary’s lack of knowledge and the tools and techniques you can use to educate and train trustees, trust advisors and trust protectors.

3:50- 4:40pm EDT
Decision-Making Practices—Why Intentional Decision-Making Matters                           Professor Roberta Flowers
Trustees make a lot of decisions in a day. Those decisions need to be thoughtful and intentional. Having a process for making decisions that are intentional rather than off the cuff enable trustees to make better, and defensible, decisions. This session will explain the importance of having a process and why intentional decision-making matters.

4:40-5:00pm EDT
Question and Answer Panel with Megan, Edwin, Genesis, Jennifer, and Roberta on the Topics of the Day
The webinar speakers will problem solve for the audience.