Teaching Advocacy Skills Conference, May 20-22

Stetson's teaching advocacy skills program graduated its first group of advocacy instructors in May 2008. Participants in this program learned the Stetson method of teaching advocacy while developing organization-specific paradigms that increased their effectiveness when teaching advocacy in their individual schools and firms. The program in May of 2009 consisted of 2 and 1/2 days of intense instruction.

Students are introduced to the Stetson paradigm for teaching advocacy, taught how to develop course materials, and then spend two days immersed in learning experientially. Those experiences include teaching Stetson students how to perform advocacy skills and then immediately being taught by the program instructors on ways to improve their teaching. This creates a collaborative environment that exponentially increases the opportunities for growth as a teacher and mentor. The final day of the program is an intense immersive experience under the tutelage of a master in the art of theater arts for the professional.

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Continuing Legal Education Credits:
We are approved for 21.50 hours of CLE general credits, 16.00 hours of Criminal Trial and 16.00 of Civil Trial certification credits with The Florida Bar. CLE accreditation for some states may require an additional fee from registrants (payable to the bar associations of those states).