Nomination Criteria - William A. Kaplin Award

  1. Nominees will be judged on their scholarly work that has been published or accepted for publication.
  2. The scholarly work may focus solely on American higher education, on American higher education's interrelationships with elementary/secondary (K-12) education, or on American higher education in comparison to the higher education system of one or more other countries.
  3. The research and the analysis in the scholarly work preferably show both legal issues/considerations and policy issues/considerations. The policy aspects of the work may involve institutional policy concerns of colleges and universities -- or broader public policy concerns regarding higher education -- addressed primarily by legislatures and administrative agencies.
  4. The scholarly works to be considered may include books and book chapters; monographs; journal articles; reports prepared for foundations, think tanks, and advocacy organizations; conference papers; and other similar print or electronic formats.
  5. The award may be based on a single work, such as a book; on a combination or series of works, such as a series of journal articles or reports; or on the sum total of the nominee's scholarly work.

2014 Award Winner

William E. Thro, General Counsel, University of Kentucky