2012 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Day 1

Disability Law Update
Laura Rothstein, Current Disability Law Issues - Faculty & Students
Inter-Collegiate Athletics
David Armstong, Emerging Issues in Inter-Collegiate Athletics
Multiculturalism and the Global University
Fred Bonner, Understanding Millennial College Students
•  John Hall, Law, Regulation and Risk Management
•  John Hall, The Future Landscape for the Global University: Trends from a Transatlantic Perspective
•  Joy Blanchard, Multiculturalism and the Global University--Looking Beyond the Great Recession Towards a Brighter Future of Inclusion, Diversity, Access, and Attainment in Higher Education
•  Karen Pennington, Diverse Millennial Students
•  Linda DeAngelo, Ray Franke, Sylvia Hurtado, John H. Pryor, and Serge Tran, Completing College: Assessing Graduation Rates at Four-year Institutions
•  Michele Alexandre, Canada Civil Marriage Act
•  Michele Alexandre, Candian Criminal Code
•  Michele Alexandre, French Education Code - Title IV
•  Michele Alexandre, UK Religious Hatred Act of 2006
•  Noel Levitz, National Adult Learners Satisfaction-Priorities Report
•  Noel Levitz, 2011 National Freshman Attitudes Report
•  Noel Levitz, 2011 National Freshman Attitudes Report - Addendum by Race/Ethnicity
•  Noel Levitz, The Online Expectations of Prospective College Students and Their Parents
•  Noel Levitz, National Online Learners Priorities Report
•  Noel Levitz, National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report
Risk Management
S. Daniel Carter, Jean Demchak, and Robert B. Smith Improving Risk Management and Campus Crime Reporting: Enterprise Risk Management, Campus Safety, and Clery Act Compliance
RSOs, Frats, and the Modern University
Registered Student Organization, Fraternities, and the Modern University - Protecting Rights Combating Hazing and High-Risk Alcohol Use and Foster Leadership
Summoned!  2012 Litigation
 Beverly E. Ledbetter and Robert B. Smith, Summoned!  2012 Litigation Update
Two-year and Community College Systems
Anne Cooper, Student Achievement Completion Agenda
Edwin Ramos, Employment and Issues related to the State of the Economy
•  Anne Cooper, Mary Hill, and Edwin Ramos, The Rise of the Two-year and Community College Systems: Challenges and Opportunities in Times of Transition
•  Mary Hill, Federal Regulations and Mandates

Day 2

Challenges for the Multicultural
Joseph Morrissey, Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization to Participate in Study Abroad Programs
Julie Anne Friend, Confronting A Crisis: Developing Institutional Response Procedures to U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings
Mary Beth Marklein, Legal Implications for U.S. Universities Enrolling International Students
Employment Law Update
Davi O'Guinn and Michael Terell, Key Employment Issues for 2012 
New Business Models for Higher Education
Lumina Foundation, Finishing First in Higher Education
The Compliance University
Jonathan Alger, Higher Education Law and Policy 2.1--The Rise of the Compliance University
The Digital Campus and Social Media
Steven J. McDonald, An Introduction to Internet Law: An Essay on Updating Your Typewriter Use Policy
•  Thomas A Workman, New Technologies Bring New Practices: The Necessity of Institutional Social Media Policies
The Future of Accreditation
David A. Armstrong, Trying to Expand Distance Learning: A Living Example of Accreditation and the Reduction in Institutional Autonomy
Kathryn Jarvis and David DiRamio, Challenges and Opportunities for Current and Former Members of the Armed Services Student-Veterans in Transition 

Day 3

FERPA Updates
Steven J. McDonald, The Fundamentals of Fundamental FERPA
•  Steven J. McDonald, The Fundamentals of Fundamental FERPA - PowerPoint
Steven J. McDonald, The Family Educational Rights, and Privacy Act: 7 Myths - And the Truth
•  Steven J. McDonald, Addressing Emergencies on Campus
•  Steven J. McDonald, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Guidance for Reasonable Methods and Written Agreements
•  Steven J. McDonald, FERPA: Hot Topics and Updates
•  Steven J. McDonald, December 2011 - Revised FERPA Regulations: An Overview for SEAS and LEAS 
Governance of Non-Profits
•  Jonathan Alger, Governance of Non-Profits--Compliance and Accountability
•  Scott R. Schulick and Cynthia E. Anderson, On Track for the Future: A Case Study in Strategic Finance
•  Terry MacTaggart, Boards as Game Changers
•  Theodore J . Marchese, Graduation Rates: The Stakes for Boards
•  Travis Reindl, Adding it Up: Using Metrics to Deliver a Better-Educated Workforce
•  Trusteeship Magazine, What's the Next Big Thing for Boards?
IP and Copyright
•  Anton Hopen, Digital Music Technology & Law
•  Charles F. Carletta, Intellectual Property Basics: Concepts and Principles
•  Jack Bernard, Copyright Law for Colleges and Universities
•  Joy Blanchard, Higher Education Law and Policy 3.1--Scholarship, Scholarship Networking, and Emerging Topics for Scholarship
•  John Hall and Nicholas Saunders, Scholarship, Scholarship Networking, and Emerging Topics for Scholarship: A View from the UK