2011 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Day 1

FERPA Updates
Steven J. McDonald, The Fundamentals of Fundamental FERPA
Steven J. McDonald, The Family Educational Rights, and Privacy Act: 7 Myths - And the Truth
Steven J. McDonald and Steve Berenback, FERPA: What Faculty and Staff Should Know
Steven J. McDonald, Model Notification of Rights Under FERPA for Postsecondary Institutions
Steven J. McDonald, The Fundamentals of Fundamental FERPA - PowerPoint
•  Steven J. McDonald, FERPA and the Disclosure of Student Information Related to Emergencies and Disasters
Steven J. McDonald, Joint Guidance on the Application of FERPA and HIPAA to Student Health Records
•  Steven J. McDonald, Release to Parent
•  Steven J. McDonald, Student Records
New Challenges to Academic Freedom
Oren Griffin, Academic Freedom
Rachel Levinson, Academic Freedom, Shared Governance, and the First Amendment after Garcetti v. Ceballos
Plenary-Risk and Litigation Management in an Age of Heightened Legal and Social Accountability
David Armstrong, How to Survive the Legalization of Higher Education
•  Peter Lake, What's Next for Private Universities? Accountability
•  Peter Lake, Will Your College Be Sued for Educational Malpractice?
The Roberts Court and Free Speech on Campus
Jonathan Alger, Some Key Recent First Amendment Cases
•  Jonathan Alger, Student Organizations and Institutional Non-discrimination Policies
Timothy Burke, What Does CLS v. Martinez Really Mean for the Right of Student Groups to be Recognized by their Host Institutions?

Day 2

Law and Policy Implications of a Virtual Campus - Part 2 - Managing Info Overload
Chris Ashley and Anne Bilder, Information Overload: What You Want to Know (And Don't Want to Know) About Your Students
Recent Developments in Disability Law - Part 1 - Employment and Tenure
Laura Rothstein, Faculty Members with Impairments: Legal Issues under Disability Discrimination Law
•  Miriam McKendall, Disability Discrimination Law: Developments and Emerging Trends for Employers
Recent Developments in Disability Law - Part 2 - Students and Disabilities
CIC IT Accessibility and Usability Group, Proposed Responses to the DOJ Request for Comments on ADA and Web Accessibility
•  Jack Bernard, Recent Developments in Disability Law: Students and Disability Law
•  Laura Rothstein, Higher Education, and Disability Discrimination: A Fifty-Year Retrospective
Update on OCR Enforcement Efforts
Russlyn Ali, "Dear Colleague" Letter

Day 3

Continuing Challenges in International Study
John Hall, "Going Global" - forums for establishing and operating higher education programs in Europe
John Hall, Tim Birtwistle, and Joe Morrissey, "Going Global" -forums for establishing and operating higher education programs in Europe
Current Issues in Sexual Assault and Harassment
 Security on Campus, Inc., SaVE Summary
Improving Degree Attainment and Learning Outcome Assessment Levels
•  Staci Provezis, Improving the Quality of Student Learning: Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
Tim Birtwistle and Holiday McKiernan, Improving the quality of student learning and the level of degree attainment through common degree requirements and assessment -background, drivers, methodologies and current steps
Tenure and Academic Employment:  Managing Academic Staff and Litigation Trends
•  Ann Frank, Tenure and Academic Employment: Managing Academic Staff and Litigation Trends
Today's College Students
•  Laurie Schreiner, Student Success, Retention, and Graduation: Definitions, Theories, Practices, Patterns, and Trends
Noel-Levitz, 2010 National Freshman Attitudes Report
Noel-Levitz, Back to the Present: Strategic Enrollment Planning for the Coming
Demographic Change
Noel-Levitz, Bibliography - Our Student's Session
Noel-Levitz, Linking Student Satisfaction, and Retention