H1N1: What if I'm Sick?

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If the experts are correct, many people will contract H1N1 during the next few months. We know members of our community will fall ill during the year. For those who are ill, we will work with you as best we can.

If you develop the flu or flu-like symptoms, please do not come to campus. Individuals with the flu or flu-like symptoms should not return to classes or campus until 24 hours after fever has abated.

The experts advise that if you develop flu-like symptoms, seek treatment immediately -- don't wait. The best results typically occur when treatment can start as soon as possible. If you develop breathing problems or a high temperature, you may want to seek emergency treatment. Read the PDF list of local urgent-care clinics and hospitals.

Please contact the following individuals if you develop flu-like symptoms, are confirmed to have the flu, or suspect that another individual on campus has the flu:

  • Students: Interim Student Life Director Tammy Briant, 727-562-7808 or tbriant@law.stetson.edu. Ms. Briant will manage medical reports and return-to-class medical clearances, and assist in arranging academic support, such as taping classes in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Academics.
  • For faculty and staff: Pam Skoularakos, 727-562-7345 or hr@law.stetson.edu. For faculty and staff, Human Resources will handle time off, pay and leave issues, medical clearances to return to work, and assistance in accessing College benefits if needed.
  • In case these contacts are not available, please contact Gulfport Public Safety at 727-562-7800, or 727-434-1262 after hours.

A complicating factor is that we understand that some doctors and hospitals will, at some point, stop testing for the H1N1 virus and simply provide a diagnosis that the person has a viral infection or flu-like symptoms. If you receive this sort of diagnosis, please alert us. We also would appreciate learning if individuals with whom you live or work closely are diagnosed with H1N1, the flu, or a viral infection so we can track the situation on our campuses.