Bridge to Practice Fellowship Memorandum of Understanding Between Stetson University College of Law and Government and Public Interest Agencies

In the interest of providing opportunities to recent graduates ("Fellows") to gain valuable legal experience and professional skills, Stetson University College of Law ("Stetson") has created a Bridge to Practice Fellowship Program. Stetson University College of Law desires to partner with your organization ("Host Organization") to facilitate this opportunity and to provide assistance in accomplishing your mission.

With input from the Host organization, if requested, Stetson Law will select a Fellow for the Host Organization. Full-time and Part-time Fellowships are available. Fellows are required to devote additional hours each week to job search activities and Stetson Law's Office of Career and Professional Development coaching and services. Each Fellow must be working at the Host Organization by no later than Friday, March 12, 2021 . Stetson University College of Law will provide funding to each Fellow in the form of a semi-monthly stipend upon the Fellow's completion of a progress report of their time with the Host Organization and the Fellow's attendance and engagement in the assigned Career and Professional Development Programming. Fellows are solely responsible for keeping track of their hours and ensuring Hosts submit timely progress reports to Stetson. Should a Fellow receive and accept an offer of permanent employment during the term of the Fellowship, the Fellow is expected to give the Host Organization sufficient notice, at which point the Fellowship will be terminated.

The Host Organization agrees to provide active supervision for each Fellow and acknowledges and understands that their assigned Fellow may not yet be licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. If applicable, the Host Organization agrees to provide any and all legal malpractice insurance to cover the work conducted and services provided by the Fellow during the course of this Fellowship. The Host Organization agrees to treat all Fellows as professionals in the workplace. The Host Organization and the Fellow will work cooperatively to determine a work schedule that fits both their needs, allowing time for the Fellow's attendance at assigned Career and Professional Development Programming, and job search activities.

Each Fellow is expected to act professionally and perform all reasonable duties assigned to them by the Host Organization. Following completion of the Fellowship, the Host Organization and Fellow may agree to continue the working relationship in a voluntary or other type of employment capacity. However, Stetson shall have no further financial obligation to either the Fellow or Host Organization.

For additional information about the 2021 Bridge to Practice Fellowship, refer to the 2021 Bridge to Practice Toolkit.

Host Organizations are encouraged to communicate in an ongoing basis with Catherine B. Martin, Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development, via email at [email protected] or phone at 727-562-7815. Stetson University College of Law hopes that this Bridge to Practice Fellowship Program will be a rewarding opportunity for both Fellows and Host Organizations.