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1st Annual Stetson Law Firm Challenge

Will your firm be the 2020 Challenge Cup Winner?

We are excited to announce our first annual Stetson Law Firm Challenge! The challenge is a friendly competition where law firms with multiple Stetson Law graduates vie for the highest percentage of alumni giving back to Stetson Law.

The Stetson Law Firm Challenge runs from Nov. 15, 2019, through Jan. 15, 2020. During this time, each law firm’s goal is to achieve 100% participation from all alumni. Any gift made to Stetson Law by a participating firm during these two months counts toward Law Firm Challenge credit.

Rules of the Challenge

 All law firms with one or more Stetson alumni can participate. We’ve created four competition categories based on the number of Stetson lawyers at each firm.

  • 1-3 alumni
  • 4-10 alumni
  • 11-15 alumni
  • 16+ alumni

It’s easy and quick for your firm to participate!

  1. Visit the Stetson Law Firm Challenge Fundraising site to find your law firm’s team page
  2. Make a gift online via your firm’s fundraising page
  3. Recruit and encourage your fellow Stetson Law alumni at your firm by sending them the link to your firms fundraising page.
  4. View your current standings against other firms during the two months

It’s that simple! You may make your gift to any fund designation at the College of Law. Give one time, monthly, or annually – any amount is welcome.

Note: If you do not see your law firm’s team, please contact Development and Alumni Relations.

Find your Team today

Why Participate

Your gift plays a vital role in making a Stetson Law education accessible to our students, while also further enhancing the programs that make a Stetson Law education unique.

Your support is critical in creating a culture of philanthropy, which will encourage future generations of Stetson Law alumni to also support their alma mater. Increased and robust alumni support sends a strong message to external constituencies that Stetson Law is an institution worthy of their support.


  • Participating firms with at least 50% participation from their alumni 

    • Firm name added to the Stetson Law Firm Challenge website

  • Participating firms with 100% participation from their Stetson Law alumni

    • Firm logo displayed on the Stetson Law Firm Challenge website
    • Recognition in the Stetson Lawyer magazine
    • A crystal memento to display in their office
    •  Social media posts on Stetson Law Alumni sites
    •  A chance to compete to be the 2020 Stetson Law Firm Challenge Cup Winner! One firm within each category will be named the Stetson Law Firm Challenge Cup Winner. The winning firms will be the ones in each group that raises the most amount of money while also having 100% participation.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please call or email our Development and Alumni Relations team.