Meet Student and Alumni Veterans

Stetson University College of Law honors all of those who have served in our nation's military. Read the profiles below to learn more about a few of the veterans who attend or who have graduated from Stetson Law. 

Student Veterans

media/andrew-web-TN.jpg Andrew J. Schillace - Marine Corps
"As I learn more about the nature of law I’m finding more and more similarities between the military and the legal world. In both the military and in the court of law, one must be prepared because someone’s life might be on the line."
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media/javier-web-TN.jpg Javier Ojeda Chenard - Army
"After becoming a citizen, I joined the U.S. Army, and it was then that I experienced first-hand the sacrifice that the men and women of the armed forces make, and how difficult life is for them after going back to the civilian life." 
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media/linda-web-TN.jpg Linda Kay Brown - Navy
"The military gave me the dedication and work ethic to put in a long day’s work. Everything that you do in the military is all about communication and team work, and I know these same traits are what make a lawyer great." 
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media/zabbdy-web-TN.jpg Z. Caleb Lopez - Navy
"It’s a hard job. It isn’t always glamorous like in the movies or television. People sacrifice everything for the uniform. But it’s also an amazing experience."  
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Alumni Veterans

media/image/david-fernandez-tn-photo.jpg David Fernandez - Navy
"The Navy taught me to be focused and driven regardless of the environment or surrounding circumstances, especially in high stress situations, and to overcome fear of the unknown."
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media/image/rachel-sanders-tn-photo.jpg Rachel Sanders - Air Force
"Throughout my time in the military I learned to never be satisfied with the status quo. I possess the ability to make things better, and I have a duty to use that ability for the greater good, which leads to why I am in law school."
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media/image/robert-stines-tn-photo.jpg Robert Stines - Army
"Serving in the military is not easy. For many service men and women, every day in the military is a personal sacrifice, but all of them serve with a smile, if not on their faces in their hearts."
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media/image/ryan-nichols-tn-photo.jpg Ryan Nichols - Marine Corps
"Serving in the Marines has been a huge part of my success in law school because of the high level of discipline that is required."
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