Master of Jurisprudence in International and Comparative Business Law

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Stetson Law’s Master of Jurisprudence in International and Comparative Business Law is an intensive program designed for non-lawyer students and working professionals who wish to gain legal literacy, advance their careers, and address law-related matters related to their field. This residency program is located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida, on Stetson University College of Law's Gulfport campus.

In just one year, this comprehensive program will provide students with an understanding of international business law and how various entities and factors influence the decisions of successful businesses in the global marketplace, setting graduates up with the knowledge and skills needed to advance their business career.

Open Doors With an Advanced Degree

  • Meet the demand of today’s businesses and solve tomorrow’s legal business challenges.
  • Build a basic understanding of the legal system and how it impacts the successful operation of a business.
  • Learn to analyze, research, and communicate legal issues to business colleagues and your legal team.
  • Make better business decisions informed by your knowledge of the law.

International and Comparative Business Law Program Highlights

  • Stetson University College of Law campus in Gulfport, FloridaTwo semester, 24-credit program
  • Part time option available for qualified students
  • In-demand areas of study such as legal compliance and contract law
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience

An understanding of the law deeply benefits non-lawyers in the business world. Experienced business professionals and recent graduates grow successful careers from the foundation of the specialized curriculum, expert faculty, and extensive resources available only at Stetson.

  • Meet the growing demand for business professionals with advanced legal literacy.
  • Gain a competitive edge for career advancement and job placement.
  • Build an understanding of the U.S. legal system.
  • Pursue more interesting cross-border assignments or expand your clientele outside the U.S.
  • Increase conversational and legal English proficiency for non-native English speakers.
  • Get access to the Stetson Law alumni network, connecting with professionals who assist students and fellow graduates with career placement.

The fields of law and business are linked in everyday transactions. A basic understanding of international law will better prepare you for today’s global market challenges.


View our Master of Jurisprudence course requirements and electives to see what we offer.

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Campus Life

Learn about life on our beautiful campus and surrounding areas in Florida.

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Career Paths

Potential career paths for Master of Jurisprudence graduates include:

  • Corporate Consultant
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Office
  • Chief of Operations Officer
  • VP/Director of Business Development
  • VP/Director or Corporate Development

About Stetson University College of Law

The Master of Jurisprudence program takes place at Stetson University College of Law. Founded in 1900 as Florida's first law school, Stetson University College of Law is a leader in international legal education. Stetson is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the American Association of Law Schools. Stetson offers a welcoming environment for students from around the world, with renowned professors who share the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

Stetson Law has been ranked as the top law school for Trial Advocacy training for the past 21 years and also as one of the top four institutions for Legal Writing by U.S. News and World Report.

Stetson Law is widely recognized as a place where students feel at home and closely attended to. Due to the small class sizes and our close knit community, we can offer services and give extra attention to our students personal and professional needs.

Note: Admission to the M.J. programs does not guarantee admission to the J.D. program. Students who apply to the J.D. program after completing the M.J. may not transfer any M.J. courses or credits from that program to the M.J.