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Stetson Scholarships, Graduation Awards, Fellowships and Assistantships

Stetson Scholarships

Stetson Law awards multi-year scholarships to selected entering full- and part-time law students. All admitted students are considered for scholarships; no special application is needed. The Faculty Committee on Admissions and Entering Awards selects recipients at the time of admission. Incoming students are notified via phone call and/or email. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, a range of other personal accomplishments and experiences, and the ability to further the mission of the College of Law. Applicants who wish for their unique circumstances and backgrounds to be considered should include an addendum with their application. Scholarship awards may vary from partial tuition through full tuition scholarships. A small handful of students may be offered a stipend in addition to a full tuition scholarship for outstanding academic and LSAT achievement.

Additional scholarships are also available to students after the completion of their first full year of law school, also known as 1L year, (1L fall and spring semesters for FT; after second fall for PT). Awards are for students who earn a spot in the top five percent of their class and who have no other Stetson scholarships or very small awards. The scholarship amounts vary, but are generally partial-tuition awards. These awards apply only to fall and spring semesters and are renewable through graduation as long as the student meets the General Scholarship Award and Renewal Conditions outlined in the award letter. Both full- and part-time JD students are eligible for these awards.

The scholarships listed below require students to submit a separate application. Scholarships are announced via email, and submission deadlines are strictly enforced. Most scholarships are open to full- and part-time students.

  • Public Service Scholarship: Full tuition for final year of law school; requires good academic standing each semester; available to continuing students entering final year of law school; application required. Applications are solicited during the spring semester each year. Award is applied to the recipient's final year of law school.
  • Need Scholarships: Applications are made available during each Spring semester. 
  • Yellow Ribbon Program Scholarships: Please review the Request for Participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program; up to $2,500 per semester (up to $5,000 per year); renewable through J.D. graduation.

Endowed Scholarships

Please see notice posted at the top of this page. The scholarships listed below require currently enrolled students to submit a separate application. Scholarships are announced via campus announcements and email in the fall or spring of each year; submission deadlines are strictly enforced. Most scholarships are open to full- and part-time students.

  • Priscilla A. and Lawrence C. Adams Scholarship: Established by the donor in appreciation of their support and encouragement of the Donor and their longstanding commitment to outstanding education, both for their children and in their community.
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Florida Chapter Endowed Scholarship Fund: Established in 1991 by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Florida Chapter, this scholarship is awarded to outstanding students enrolled at Stetson University College of Law, and engaged in the study of family law.
  • Judge Edith M. Atkinson Scholarship: Edith M. Atkinson, Class of 1922, practiced in Dade County, Florida and was the first woman judge in that county, having served with distinction as Judge of the Juvenile Court during the 1920s. In grateful appreciation of her generous support, the College has established an endowed scholarship and grant fund in her name and in her memory.
  • Cecil C. and Augusta M. Bailey Scholarship: Established in 1987 by Cecil C. and his wife, Augusta M. Bailey, this scholarship is to assist students who have demonstrated character, academic achievement and the capacity for meritorious leadership in the field of law.
  • Dr. Dorothy E. "Dotti" Bressi Memorial Scholarship: Dotti joined Stetson Law in August 2000 and led the successful Cornerstone Campaign. Throughout her life Dotti was committed to making a difference through her leadership, spirit, and dynamic personality. She touched so many lives through her work, life, and example.
  • Professor James J. Brown Second Career Merit Scholarship: The scholarship is named for Florida Bar member James J. Brown, Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund Professor Emeritus, who excelled in teaching real property courses, training students to become competent practitioners, and representing the traditional, rigorous standards for achieving excellence at the institution during his 30 years of service. The scholarship honors a man who believed in “building Stetson lawyers one great student at a time.”
  • Cacciatore Scholarship in Advocacy for the Protection of the Rights of Individuals: S. Sammy Cacciatore has devoted his career to the representation of individuals for redress of wrongs. Both in the trial courts and appellate courts, he has steadfastly fought for their rights and sought for his clients just redress and compensation.
  • Graham Carothers Scholarship: Given by the family of Graham Carothers, Class of 1963, to support J.D. students who have excelled or show the potential to excel in public service and charity dedicated to underprivileged or special needs children, a passion of Mr. Carothers during his distinguished lifetime.
  • John F. Cherry Memorial Scholarship: Established in 1984 by the late Margaret W. Cherry in memory of her husband, John. This scholarship is based on need and merit.
  • Coca-Cola Foundation Endowed Scholarship: Established in 1996 by the Coca-Cola Foundation to help increase minority representation in legal education and the legal profession, this scholarship is awarded to students based on need, merit and diversity of experience.
  • Professor Lee Coppock Trial Team Scholarship: Established by Professor Brooke Bowman to honor alumnus, retired Trial Advocacy Fellow, and Florida Bar member, Lee Coppock, who excelled in teaching trial advocacy and coaching Stetson's trial team. This scholarship honors a man who believes in "we are Stetson."
  • Sgt. Jessie Davila Memorial Veterans Scholarship: This scholarship is named in honor of Sgt. Jessie Davila, who was killed on February 20, 2006, while on a mission in Baghdad, Iraq His sacrifice inspired fellow service-member, Javier Centonzio, J.D. '12, LL.M. '14, to pursue his undergraduate and law degrees and to use his legal education to help others.
  • Darby Dickerson SLAAC Scholarship Fund: Established by the Stetson Lawyers Association Advisory Council in 2010, this scholarship honors Dean Darby Dickerson's devotion to leadership, writing, advocacy, love for higher education and pursuit of other scholarly endeavors.
  • Aubrey O. Dicus Jr. Scholarship Fund: Aubrey O. Dicus Jr. established this scholarship. Mr. Dicus received his J.D. from Stetson Law. He is a partner with the St. Petersburg law firm of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus and Wein, P.A.
  • Kay Eddy Memorial Scholarship: Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law, Bruce R. Jacob, established this scholarship. Mrs. Kay Eddy served the students of Stetson Law for over two decades as the Registrar and Director of Admissions. She was known for her dedication and service to her students, was a well-respected problem solver and worked diligently to help students with financial difficulties to find the means to stay in law school. She retired from the College of Law in 1971.
  • Suzanne Edgett Collins Professional Reinvestment Scholarship Fund: Suzanne Edgett Collins, R.N.; M.P.H., J.D., Ph.D., is a professor of nursing at the University of Tampa and provides legal consultative services in the areas of nursing licensure disciplinary defense. Dr. Collins is an alumna of Stetson Law and is admitted to the Bar in Florida and D.C. Collins believes that true professionalism includes a moral commitment to promote the growth and integrity of the profession of the law through the mentorship and financial support of law students and young lawyers.
  • Florida Military Academy (FMA) Scholarship: The FMA was housed on Stetson’s Gulfport campus from 1932-1951. During those years, young men from around the country attended the military school prior to college or a career in the armed services. The surviving members of FMA endowed this scholarship as a tribute to both the FMA and the students who received their military education on what is now the Stetson University College of Law campus.
  • Edward D. Foreman Scholarship: The Edward D. Foreman Scholarship is named after a special man and was designed to honor his myriad contributions to his family, the legal profession, and his community. This scholarship represents one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a law student. It recognizes  outstanding academic and professional accomplishments and the potential to make a significant, meaningful contribution to the legal profession and the community.
  • Richard A. Harrison Endowment Scholarship: This scholarship was established by Richard A. Harrison, a "Double Hatter." Mr. Harrison graduated from Stetson University in 1983 and the College of Law in 1986. He served as Articles & Symposia Editor of the Stetson Law Review. Mr. Harrison is Board Certified in City, County and Local Government by the Florida Bar and is a member of the Stetson Law Board of Overseers.
  • James C. Hauser Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was established by the family of James C. Hauser and is intended for third-year law students who earned a 3.25 GPA or higher. The family prefers a law student who grew up in a single-parent home and who has the intention of practicing in Florida upon graduation.
  • Holland and Knight Endowed Scholarship Honoring Chesterfield Smith: The law firm of Holland & Knight established this scholarship in 1994 to honor the firm's most distinguished partner, Chesterfield Smith, whose dedication and personal contribution to the firm is unmatched and who has done so much to instill and advance this generous, community-minded spirit among the core ideals of the Holland & Knight Commitment. This scholarship is awarded annually to a second or third student who has demonstrated the skills and character that are embodied in this commitment.
  • Iurato and Martinez Family Scholarship: Kevin and Jenay Iurato, both Class of 2000, established this scholarship to provide need-based assistance to a Hispanic J.D. student in good academic standing.
  • Elsie B. and Edward C. Jacob Memorial Scholarship: This fund was established by the family and friends of Elsie B. and Edward C. Jacob, in their memory. This scholarship is based on need and merit.
  • LeRoy Y. Hooks Elder Law Scholarship: This award, established by Jason L. Turner and the Hooks family, honors LeRoy Y. Hooks, a life-long professional educator who lost his life to Lou Gehrig's Disease. The scholarship will ready future lawyers from Stetson to assist the elderly in similar end-of-life issues.  The scholarship will be presented in the Fall to a Stetson Law student who is pursuing a J.D. with a Certificate of Concentration in Elder Law.
  • Hope Scholarship: This scholarship fund will benefit talented J.D. students with financial need. More specifically, one or more scholarships will be awarded to assist students who have overcome some form of significant adversity. Eligible students would include those who are former foster children, recent immigrants, were raised in adverse economic circumstances, suffer from a disability, or have suffered a significant family tragedy.
  • Earl A. Jinkinson Antitrust Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who attained the highest academic standing in the antitrust course at the College of Law.
  • Frederick B. Karl Veterans Scholarship: Alumni and friends of Justice Frederick “Fred” Karl ’49 and his wife, Mercedes Karl, funded this scholarship in their honor. A World War II veteran, Fred spent his life and career dedicated to public service. Fred was a recipient of both the Silver Star and Purple Heart as a result of his actions in the Battle of the Bulge and is one of only a few individuals to have served in all three branches of state government in the state of Florida.
  • Calvin A. Kuenzel Scholarship: Established by an anonymous donor and with gifts from friends of the late professor Calvin Kuenzel (1928-1998) to honor his 40 years of teaching at Stetson University College of Law. This scholarship is awarded based on need and merit.
  • Doug and Margaret Lee Scholar: Partial-tuition scholarship for up to 88 credit hours; scholars are selected based on devotion to public service and strong academic performance, with a preference for Stetson University graduates. The Doug and Margaret Lee Scholarship is named after Dr. H. Douglas Lee who served as president of Stetson for 22 years. His presidency focused on a commitment to academic excellence, the integration of values into the teaching-learning process, and active forms of social responsibility.
  • Joan Cara Lott Memorial Scholarship: Established by Clarence and Caranell Lott in memory of their daughter, Joan Cara Lott, '89. From Mobile, AL, Joan graduated from Talladega College. She was the United Negro College Fund queen, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and worked as a mental health counselor before law school. While at Stetson, she was Vice President of the Black Law Students Association and a member of the Environmental Law Society. She passed away one year after graduation while working for Legal Aid Services in Tampa.
  • Thomas C. Marks, Sr. and Bernadine B. Marks Memorial Scholarship Fund: This scholarship was established in 2001 by Professor Thomas Marks as a memorial tribute to his parents, Thomas C. and Bernadine B. Marks.
  • Charlotte and Joseph C. Mason Scholarship: This scholarship was established by Mr. Mason's daughters to honor the memory of their father, an intellectual property lawyer with a degree in chemical engineering and a visiting lecturer at Stetson Law. It is awarded to a student who demonstrates an interest in becoming a patent attorney and who has a technical undergraduate degree in engineering or in the sciences.
  • May/July 2013 Class Gift - Dean Bruce R. Jacob Scholarship: The committee of the graduating class of May/July 2013 established this scholarship to honor Dean Jacob because of his profound impact on many lives and the Stetson Law community as a whole. The legacy of Dean Jacob will continue always at Stetson Law not just for the many accomplishments he has as a lawyer, as a dean or as a professor but at least one student, every year, will know someone cares. Dean Jacob began his career in 1960 as an Assistant Attorney General of the State of Florida. There he represented the respondent in Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963) and he represented the state in 19 appeals before the Florida Supreme Court and District Courts of Appeal of Florida.
  • Hassan M. Milani Endowment Scholarship: This scholarship is based on need and merit, with a preference to minority and/or foreign-born students.
  • Stanley Milledge Book Award: This scholarship, established by the family and friends of the late Judge Stanley Milledge, a member of the College of Law faculty before his death in 1965, is presented to a student who has excelled in some field to which Judge Milledge made significant contributions.
  • Professor Rebecca C. Morgan Elder Law Scholarship: This scholarship will provide support for students enrolled in the Elder Law Concentration.
  • Floyd W. Murray Scholarship: This scholarship was established through the estate of Floyd W. Murray class of 1922 and is awarded based on need and merit.
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) White Collar Criminal Defense Scholarship: The student(s) receiving the scholarship shall have demonstrated a predisposition to success as an advocate. Among the indicators of this that the Committee may consider are outstanding performance in undergraduate mock trial or moot court programs.
  • James Nemec Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for students who have demonstrated a commitment to Stetson and to giving back to their community.
  • Rich Nenezian and Jim Jones Memorial Scholarship: The Nenezian-Jones Scholarship was established by the friends of Rich Nenezian and Jim Jones to help defray educational costs of second or third year law students who have participated in intramural athletics at Stetson Law and who have demonstrated that there is more to law school than memorizing the Uniform Commercial Code. This scholarship honors two outstanding graduates of the Class of 1984 who lived life to its fullest outside the classroom and enriched the lives of all who knew them.
  • "Pick Yourself Up" Scholarship: Open to continuing JD students. The donors' intent is to reward students who show a true drive and determination to improve their academic performance while at Stetson Law. The title comes from the idea that at one time or another we all must "pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start over again." 
  • Polk County/Central Florida Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for law students who grew up and/or attended college in Polk County, FL.
  • Joseph J. Reiter Scholarship: This scholarship, given by Joseph J. Reiter, Class of 1968, will support continuing J.D. students who have excelled or shown the potential to excel in advocacy, an area in which Mr. Reiter has excelled during his distinguished career. Normally, a student will receive this award at the end of his or her first complete year at the College of Law. Other criteria for the award include academic performance and a devotion to profession and greater community.
  • Rios Family Merit Scholarship: Awarded to a high-performing student in their second year of law school.
  • Murray Sams, Jr. Scholarship: Dr. Sams is a 1949 graduate of the College of Law, a noted Miami trial lawyer, and past member of the Board of Overseers. This scholarship is based on need and merit.
  • Carol R. Samuels Scholarship: Established by Mr. Allen R. Samuels, '56, to honor his late wife, Carol R. Samuels: humanist, civic activist and volunteer, philanthropist, world traveler, business executive and wife, mother and grandmother. Mrs. Samuels was the College of Law's recipient of the first honorary PHT ("Putting Hubby Thru") degrees, which was bestowed upon her at her husband's 1956 graduation. This scholarship honors her passion for improving the lives of others.
  • Judge Susan F. Schaeffer Scholarship: Judge Susan Schaeffer graduated first in her 1971 class at Stetson Law and became a judge in 1982. She was the first female chief assistant public defender and the first female Chief Judge of the Sixth Circuit and the first Chief Judge, male or female, to be elected to three consecutive terms as Chief Judge. Judge Schaeffer has a tradition of "firsts" and is an active scholar and teacher.
  • Judge John M. Scheb Scholarship: This scholarship will assist students from Sarasota and Manatee Counties with excellent academic records who exhibit traits in common with Judge John M. Scheb: honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • Judge Raphael Steinhardt Family Public Interest Scholarship and Judge Raphael Steinhardt Family Public Interest Wage and Salary Supplement Fund: It is the donor's hope that the recipient will repay the amounts received at some point when he or she becomes financially able to repay. The purpose is to be able to help other students financially in the future. The Scholarship has been established through the generosity of alumnus Raphael Steinhardt, Class of 1963, who has been an outstanding lawyer and County Judge of Dade County. He also served as a Stetson Law Overseer.
  • Judge Raphael Steinhardt Veteran's Scholarship: This scholarship was established as a way to honor and support our nation's veterans. The Scholarship has been established through the generosity of alumnus Raphael Steinhardt, Class of 1963, who has been an outstanding lawyer and County Judge of Dade County. He also served as a Stetson Law Overseer.
  • Stetson Lawyers Association Scholarship: The funds raised for this scholarship was a way for the Stetson Lawyers Association Advisory Council to assist students with the financial burdens associated with law school or with studying for the bar.
  • Raman Subramanian Personal Tragedy/Catastrophe Relief Scholarship: Nominations requested annually; funds used to assist a student who experienced a major personal tragedy or catastrophe that could affect his/her ability to continue law school, such as a health emergency, tragic accident, or major financial crisis.  First-preference is given to students who have recently experienced a major personal tragedy or catastrophe first-hand.
  • Tampa Bay Alumni Association Scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship is to financially assist students from the Tampa Bay area, with preference to students residing in Hillsborough County or who have graduated from a high school in Hillsborough County.
  • Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association Judge Alexander L. Paskay Scholarship Fund: Established in 1933 by members of the Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association and the Florida Bar Business Law Section to honor Judge Alexander L. Paskay for his long and dedicated service and for his tremendous contributions to the field of bankruptcy law, this scholarship is awarded to student(s) based on their interest in bankruptcy law as well as merit and financial need.
  • Gary R. Trombley Scholarship: This scholarship has been established by Gary R. Trombley. Mr. Trombley received his J.D. degree from Stetson Law in 1973. He serves as President of the Stetson Lawyers Association from June 1999 through Mar 2000. He is an active member of the Stetson University College of Law Board of Overseers.
  • Gariann Vause Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was established by family and friends in memory of Gariann Florence Vause, the daughter of Professor W. Gary Vause, Stetson University Vice President and Dean of the College of Law who passed in 2003. Gariann Vause received her B.A. and J.D. degrees from Stetson University and served as editor of the Stetson Law Review. She practiced law in Connecticut until her untimely death in 1994 at the age of 29.
  • Anne L. Weintraub Scholarship: This scholarship, which is given in honor of Anne Weintraub, is for students who show the same drive, determination, and compassion that Anne showed as a student. It is for students who have worked hard to improve their academic standing over time, and who have taken the time to give back to the school and student body.
  • James R. Wilson Scholarship:  Established in 1995 by the Volusia County Estate Planning Council in honor of James R. Wilson, a distinguished attorney and former faculty member at Stetson Law. Given to a law student from Volusia County who has attained the highest overall grade in the Trusts and Estates course.
  • St. Petersburg Bar Association Frank H. White Diversity Scholarship: Established by the St. Petersburg Bar Association to honor retired Pinellas Circuit Court Judge Frank H. White, this scholarship is awarded annually to a minority law student at Stetson University College of Law. Judge White, who passed away in 2012, was licensed to practice law by the Florida Bar Association in 1960 but was denied membership in the local bar association early in his legal career because he is African-American.  The St. Petersburg Bar Association honored Judge White by creating this scholarship in his name and made him an honorary lifetime member of the association.
  • General Scholarships: Awarded based generally on merit and need.
    • Jack M. Eckerd Scholarship Fund
    • Dr. Herberta Ann Leonardy Memorial Scholarship
    • McBride Family Scholarship
    • Nierenberg Family Scholarship
    • Zinat Shadman Milani Endowment Scholarship

American Bar Association Legal Opportunity Scholarships

This scholarship is intended to provide resources to increase the number of racial and ethnic minority students into the legal profession. The scholarship amount is $5,000 and is renewable for up to three years. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the American Bar Association at 312-988-5927.

Outside Scholarships

Please refer to Stetson's Scholarships - Outside Opportunities page for more scholarship resources.

Graduation Awards

The following awards typically are given at the May Honors & Awards ceremony proceeding graduation.

  • Michael P. Allen Award for Excellence and Professionalism: This Award will be presented annually to the member of the graduating class who combines the qualities of academic achievement, skill in both oral and written advocacy, professionalism, and civility. These are qualities that Professor Allen has devoted his professional life to helping students achieve and the Award is meant to recognize the achievement of the student in these areas. To be eligible to receive this Award, a person must: (1) be in the top 25% of the graduating class; (2) be a member of the Moot Court Board, the Trial Team, or the ADR Board; and (3) have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and civility.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute Medal Award for Excellence in Bankruptcy Studies: This award is presented annually to a graduating student in the May/July graduating class who has demonstrated excellence in the study of bankruptcy law.
  • Suzanne Armstrong Memorial Award: Established to honor a former professor at the College of Law, this award is given once a year to a graduating student, who in the view of the Legal Research and Writing Department, has demonstrated excellence in the areas of legal writing, research, and drafting, and who has also exhibited high levels of professional conduct during his or her tenure at the College of Law.
  • Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund Award: The Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund Award is an award given to a graduating student who has shown outstanding promise and interest in the fields of property, real estate, and land use planning. The award recipient is selected by full-time faculty members who teach in these areas.
  • Paul Barnard Award for Clinic Excellence: This award was created by Stetson University College of Law alumni to recognize the substantial contribution to the criminal justice system that has resulted from former Professor Paul Barnard's efforts on behalf of clinical education and to honor graduating students for their performance in representing indigent clients while enrolled in the Public Defender clinic.
  • Gardner W. Beckett Civil Liberties Award: This award was established in memory of Gardner Beckett J.D. 1957, a former member of the Board of Overseers and the Charles A. Dana Foundation, by the St. Petersburg chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. It is presented to the student who has written the best paper concerning civil rights and civil liberties.
  • Matthew Bender Elder Law Book Award: The Matthew Bender Elder Law Book Award is awarded to the student with high achievement in an estate planning or elder law course at the College of Law. Matthew Bender & Company is one of the world's leading publishers of legal analysis and case law. The company offers more than 200 publications in print and electronic formats to subscribers in more than 160 countries. Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly, the book being awarded, is the preeminent authority on elder law.
  • Daniel N. Burton "Against All Odds" Scholarship: This scholarship, established by Steven G. Burton, Class of 1988, in honor of his father, Daniel N. Burton, Class of 1964, is given to a graduating student in the May/July class who has overcome significant obstacles before or during law school, but despite those obstacles, and potentially long odds, has successfully completed the requirements for the Juris Doctor degree. Obstacles might include growing up in foster care; suffering a serious accident, injury, medical condition, or learning disability; surviving the death of a close relative or loved one; or emigrating to the U.S. under harrowing circumstances. In addition, the scholarship recipient must have demonstrated the highest levels of ethics and professionalism during his or her time at Stetson, and must be willing to help others who are facing or have faced similar obstacles.
  • Dean's Award: This award is presented each semester by the Dean to a student for extraordinary service to Stetson University College of Law.
  • Dean Richard Dillon Excellence in Real Property Award: This award was established to honor Dean Richard Dillon's dedication to the field of real property as well as his dignity, compassion, kindness, and good humor as he helped lay the foundation for students to "think like a lawyer".  The award recipient will have shown a commitment to the field of real property based on the student's coursework and interest in practicing real property law upon graduation.
  • E. Harris Drew Memorial Award: This award was established by the family and friends of Justice E. Harris Drew, a founding member of the Charles A. Dana Law Center Foundation and the College of Law Board of Overseers. The award is based on the candidate's dedication to the law and an ability to express thoughts orally and in writing.
  • Ralph Harris Ferrell Competition Award: This award was established by Ralph Harris Ferrell, Jr. to recognize a member of the graduating class who has best demonstrated excellence in his or her performance in intercollegiate competitions such as mock trial or moot court.
  • The Florida Bar Labor & Employment Law Section Dean W. Gary Vause Scholarship: This award is presented to a student whose excellent performance and demonstrated interest show promise of achievement in a labor and employment law career. The award was created to honor W. Gary Vause, a former dean and long-time faculty member at the College of Law.
  • Florida Constitutional Law Award: This award was established by an anonymous donor in memory of the late Harold L. Sebring, who was Dean of the College of Law after it was moved to Gulfport in 1954. This award recognizes a currently enrolled student at Stetson University College of Law who has shown excellence in the area of Florida Constitutional Law -- as demonstrated both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Edward D. Foreman Most Distinguished Student Award: Mrs. Edward D. Foreman established this award to recognize one student from the May/July class who has demonstrated a passion for the legal profession and a commitment to serve the family of humankind, and who can be characterized as the best all-around student. The donor hopes that each recipient will make it a personal priority to serve people in need and demonstrate the importance of "paying it forward" during one's lifetime. Mr. Foreman, the award's inspiration and namesake, was a 1971 graduate of the College of Law.
  • Hearne Environmental Law Award: This award, established by Frank and Teresa Hearne, recognizes a graduate who is interested in the practice of environmental law.
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award: The International Academy of Trial Lawyers awards a certificate each year to the student who has demonstrated overall ability in trial advocacy by achievements in Trial Practice, Evidence, and Pleading and Procedure courses.
  • Elizabeth M. Leeman Award: This award was established to honor a retired Faculty Advisor to the Stetson Law Review.  It is presented to the author of the best student work published each year in the Law Review.
  • Marc L. Levine Award: This award was established by the family of Marc L. Levine, Class of 2006, to honor his accomplishments and recognize a graduating J.D. student who, like Marc, has demonstrated significant growth as a person and professional during his or her time at the College of Law, and who emerged as respected campus leader.
  • Walter Mann Award: An award, established by the late Walter Mann, former member of the Board of Overseers, is given each semester to the member of each graduating class who, in the opinion both of his or her classmates and of the faculty as a whole, has shown the greatest promise of becoming an outstanding leader in the legal profession.
  • Maria G. Martin Award for Legal Ethics: This award was established to honor the late Maria G. Martin. It recognizes, each semester, a student who has written the best paper in the field of legal ethics. Ms. Martin was a member of the Massachusetts Bar and a legal consultant for the Department of Public Health, Division of Administration, of that Commonwealth.
  • Nader/Zrake Memorial Award: This award was established by Joyce Nader-Cuarta, Class of 1985, and her brother, Robert Nader, in memory of Elias J. Nader, Matilda A. Zrake, Najeeb Zrake, George Zrake, Elias Zrake, Gabriel Kouchary, Nellie Ganim, Tom Ganim, Matilda A. Nader, Joseph Nader, Danny Ligas, and Stella Ligas. This award is given to a currently enrolled student who has an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and has excelled in Environmental, Land Use, and Administrative law courses.
  • National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Student Award: The National Association of Women Lawyers sponsors a recognition award for an outstanding law graduate of each American Bar Association-approved law school. The recipient of this award best represents the following criteria: contributes to the advancement of women in society; promotes issues and concerns of women in the legal profession; exhibits motivation, tenacity, and enthusiasm; demonstrates academic achievement; and earns the respect of her colleagues. The award consists of a one-year honorary membership in the Association, entitling the recipient to participate in Association business and receive all publications.
  • National Order of Scribes Award: The National Order of Scribes was created in 2007 by Scribes -- The American Society of Legal Writers as an honorary organization to recognize graduating law students who excel in legal-writing. Each year, the College of Law may select up to five nominees for induction into the Order. Each student should have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and should be an outstanding legal writer. The winners will receive a certificate and a one-year membership to Scribes.
  • Judge Alexander Paskay Bankruptcy Award: An award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding performance in an advanced bankruptcy course, such as the bankruptcy seminar or bankruptcy internship. This award was created to honor Judge Alexander L. Paskay for his outstanding contributions to Stetson Law.
  • Thomas E. Penick Jr. Award for Community Service: This award was established by the St. Petersburg Bar Association in honor of Judge Thomas E. Penick, Jr., Class of 1972, to recognize his spirit and commitment as a community servant. This award is given in the Spring and Fall semesters to a graduating student who exemplifies himself or herself as a true community servant and who has volunteered extensively for the good of the community, specifically for those who are less fortunate.
  • Pride Award: Awarded to a student based on participation in extracurricular activities and service related to issues of LGBT. This involvement and service can be within Stetson's community, or to organizations outside the law school.
  • The Public Interest Award: An anonymous donor established an annual Public Interest Award. The recipient is selected by based on his or her dedication to and involvement in public interest activities at Stetson University College of Law.
  • Public Service Fellows Recognition Award: This award recognizes a student's exceptional participation in the Public Service Fellows program. Recipients of this award are honored for their dedicated service to their law school and community as well as for their commitment to future public service and pro-bono activity during their professional career.
  • Carol R. Samuels Unsung Hero Student Leadership Award: The student who receives this award will have demonstrated an ability to foster leadership throughout his or her time at Stetson in an unassuming context. The student may not be the person always recognized by his or her classmates and colleagues as the person in the forefront of the law school, but rather the student always working to get things done behind the scenes. This person will exemplify quiet leadership that resonates within all those fortunate enough to work and interact with this individual. The award was established by Allen R. Samuels, a 1955 graduate of the College of Law, in honor of his late wife.
  • Judge John M. Scheb Excellence in Appellate Advocacy Award: The Judge John M. Scheb American Inn of Court established this award to honor the memory of the late Judge John M. Scheb who served as Chief Judge of the Florida Conference of Appellate Judges during his time on the Second District Court of Appeal in Lakeland. Judge Scheb was a long time adjunct professor at Stetson University College of Law and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Stetson. He was a retired Colonel from the United States Air Force and a legal community leader. This award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding performance in appellate advocacy and an interest in practicing in the field upon graduation.
  • Raphael Steinhardt Award: The Honorable Raphael Steinhardt, Class of 1963, provides an award each semester to a deserving graduating senior selected by the faculty. The recipient is selected on the basis of his or her character, leadership, and service to the community.
  • Melvyn Trute, P.A. Trust Award: This award has been established by Melvyn Trute, Class of 1966, and is given at each Spring Honors and Awards ceremony to recognize a student who has shown excellence in the area of Trusts, as demonstrated both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The Stephanie A. Vaughan Excellence in Advocacy Award: Former students of Professor Stephanie A. Vaughan have created this named award to acknowledge her outstanding teaching and impact in oral and written advocacy. The award is presented each year at the May Honors & Awards ceremony and recognizes a student who embodies Professor Vaughan's tireless commitment to excellence in advocacy, in and out of the classroom. This award stands as a continued testament of appreciation to Professor Vaughan by rewarding those who follow her example of dedication to Stetson University College of Law through outstanding advocacy.
  • Victor O. Wehle Award: Plaques are awarded each semester to the outstanding student in each section of Trial Advocacy in the name of the late Victor O. Wehle, who served as a Judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit and Professor Emeritus of the College of Law. Each winner's name is inscribed on a master plaque maintained at the College of Law.

Fellowships and Assistantships

Teaching fellowships and faculty research assistantships are available on a competitive basis to second and third year students who have a strong academic record and an interest in scholarly research and writing. Teaching fellows are outstanding students who assist in teaching the first-year Research and Writing Program. Faculty research assistants assist full-time members of the law faculty on various research projects.

For more information about fellowships and assistantships, contact the Office of Student Affairs at