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Graduation Checklist

Important Information for Graduating Students

We recognize there is a lot of stress associated with graduating from law school, such as finals, Bar Exam preparation, and searching for a job. We aim to lessen financial aid-related stress and facilitate a smooth transition from in-school deferment to repayment. Loan repayment and other financial aid matters are important to understand in order to not feel overwhelmed.


  • Federal Student Aid Exit Counseling
    This is a Federal requirement for all graduating, withdrawn, or dropped students who have borrowed federal Stafford or Graduate PLUS loans while at Stetson University College of Law. It allows you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower entering repayment. This takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. To complete this requirement, please visit

Highly Recommended:

  • Supplemental Exit Counseling
    AccessLex now has a series of videos where you can learn about about Loan Repayment.

  • Student Loan History Review
    Reviewing and understanding your student loan history is key when transitioning into loan repayment. The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid. NSLDS provides a cumulative loan history of all your federal loans and includes contact information for your loan servicers.
    » Read more information about accessing NSLDS

Additional Resources:

  • As a Stetson University College of Law graduate, you have financial aid counseling for life, regardless of when you graduated. You can always make an appointment or come by to speak to a counselor about your financial aid. We are determined to help you manage your loan debt and succeed as a responsible borrower.
  • Reach out to AccessLex! They are a FREE non-profit group with expertly trained staff. Call their AccessConnex hotline for free information on your loan repayment options: 1-844-755-4357. Their website is packed with great information, including downloadable pamphlets, webinars, and even has a chat feature!
  • Bar Study Loan: There are private lenders that offer Bar Study Loans that are up to $15,000 that would help cover living expense costs for the time period from graduation until you take the bar. You would research these options on your own and we do not offer counseling on which loan or vendor is better. Please know that private loans cannot be consolidated with your Federal loans, giving you two loan payments in the future.
  • Loan Calculators
  • Repayment Plans
  • Planning for Repayment