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Financial Aid - FAQ

Stetson Law encourages students to use the free Max Personal Finance Program service for unbiased borrowing and loan repayment guidance. The experts at AccessLex, a nonprofit organization, will help you understand your options. Call them at 1-844-755-HELP!

Access Connex - A free student loan helpline

What type of financial aid can I receive?
As a graduate student, financial aid consists of scholarships and/or federal student loans. Graduate students are not eligible for federal grants. Review reliable information about loans on the Federal Student Aid website.

Can I apply for federal student loans before I am accepted for admission?
Yes. Anyone may complete a FAFSA before applying for admission or being accepted. As long as you include Stetson University College of Law's Federal ID number (E00342) on the FAFSA, the information will be sent to us electronically. Stetson Law will email a financial aid award letter to you once you have been awarded. The information is also available on the student's MyStetson account.

What other forms does Stetson Law require for a student to apply for federal student loans?
The FAFSA is the only form that Stetson Law requires to apply for financial aid; however, if you borrow student loans, you must complete a promissory note(s) and online entrance counseling. Stetson does not require a scholarship application.

Will student loans cover all of my costs at Stetson Law?
A combination of Federal Stafford Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS loans may be necessary to cover the full cost of attendance for full-time students or part-time students. Students who live with a roommate frequently do not accept the full amount of loans offered to them; the budget is based on double occupancy. The amounts included in the cost of attendance include tuition, living expenses, books, transportation, etc. The Federal Stafford Unsubsidized loans cover $20,500 every two semesters, and thus will not cover the full cost of tuition or living expenses for full-time enrollment. For this reason, many students choose to secure Graduate PLUS loans. Graduate PLUS loans require a credit check and have a higher interest rate and loan origination fee.

If I do want to take out Federal Stafford Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS Loans, who is the lender?
Stetson Law participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program. Please note, the FAFSA is an application for the loans and is NOT your lender. Submitting the FAFSA is a requirement and only determines the amount of the Unsubsidized Stafford loan you are eligible to borrow.

What is the average debt for Stetson Law graduates?
Please see Average Law School Debt

If I don't need the full loan amount offered to me, do I have to borrow it?
No. Students should borrow only the amount they actually need. When you receive your financial award email detailing how much you are eligible to borrow, you may chose the amount simply by logging in to your MyStetson (Banner web) account. Information and directions are provided along with the award email.

Why is my credit important and how can I check it?
Many students who attend Stetson University College of Law borrow Graduate PLUS loans in addition to Stafford Unsubsidized loans. To be eligible for Graduate PLUS loans, students must have non-delinquent credit. Bad credit usually implies having made late payments (more than 30 days) on credit cards, medical bills, telephone bills, rent or other types of credit. Defaults, collection actions, write-offs and bankruptcy also indicate bad credit. Because mistakes often occur with credit reporting agencies, we strongly recommend that you contact one or all of the national credit agencies to receive a copy of your credit report in advance of applying for Graduate PLUS loans. You may request your free credit report at

What if I have a negative credit rating?
You should request a copy of your credit report from one of the three credit bureaus below in advance and remedy any deficiencies before accepting your Graduate Plus loan. Some students are required to have co-signers for Graduate PLUS loans. Negative credit may seriously affect your ability to finance your education through Graduate PLUS loans. Stetson Law does not have the resources to lend money to students who cannot obtain Graduate PLUS loans.

Experian, 1-888-397-3742,
Trans-Union, 1-800-888-4213,
CBI/Equifax, 1-800-997-2493,

What implications does a drug conviction have on my federal financial aid?
Under federal law, some students who have drug-related convictions in state or federal court may be ineligible for federal student aid. For further details please read the FAQ on How Drug Convictions Affect Federal Financial Aid under the policies section to help educate you about this issue, and outline your options for regaining financial aid eligibility.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?
You may call or email Stetson's Student Financial Planning Office. The email address is The phone number is 727-562-7813.