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Core Values - Financial Aid

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Core Values adopted by Stetson University College of Law, we have adopted a set of commitments regarding the administration of financial aid. By fulfilling these commitments, we educate our students regarding their rights and responsibilities with respect to financial aid and instill in our students an appreciation of the importance of responsible borrowing and debt management. In turn, we strive to provide a level of competence and service that support this effort. To that end, we are guided by the following commitments:

  • To provide detailed information regarding the student's responsibilities in applying for and receiving financial aid
  • To accurately administer the award of scholarships
  • To educate students about debt and its consequences as well as strategies for reducing debt
  • To educate students on how to evaluate lenders and to assist in the evaluation of lenders under consideration by students when requested
  • As with all College of Law employees, to refrain from any conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety in all dealings with lenders in accordance with University policies, including but not limited to Conflict of Interest and our Student Lending Code of Conduct
  • To provide updates to students on debt level and to meet with any student upon request to discuss their individual financial circumstances, financial hardships, and debt level, including providing any student with a statement of current and projected law school debt level and projected payments upon request
  • To accurately post student loan disbursements. For us to be successful in fulfilling these commitments, students must also do their part. This includes:
    • Promptly submitting all required paperwork and electronic submissions
    • Promptly responding to all emails or correspondence from the Office of Admissions and Student Financial Planning or the Business Office with respect to their financial aid or student account
    • Reviewing the educational material available to become informed consumers on issues of financial aid
    • Completing all mandatory financial aid counseling sessions

For assistance, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Financial Planning at or 727-562-7813.