Students working in the Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library

Academic Success and Bar Prep Services - Mission and Goals


  • Create an environment for all students to achieve their full academic potential and pass the bar exam on their first attempt.


  • Provide the academic support and guidance necessary to empower students to achieve personal and professional success.


  • Develop the self-confidence and learning skills necessary for students to achieve success in law school and on the bar exam;
  • Assist students in the refinement of their learning processes to help them achieve their academic and professional aspirations; and
  • Empower students to master the legal skills and knowledge assessed in law school and on the bar exam.


  • Resiliencywe foster students' ability to achieve their personal best in the midst of adversity without compromising their character or integrity.
  • Relationshipswe build effective professional relationships with students and encourage students to build the same relationships within the College of Law community.
  • Responsibilitywe empower students to take responsibility for their learning, enabling them to become self-directed, life-long learners.